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  • It's my pleasure. I'm glad you like it. ^_^

    Huh...you're right, the "insert image" button doesn't work, yet imgur's BBCode does work. Here is the image code pulled from imgur. Just delete the spaces between the IMG tags and the URL. (Make sure Serebii didn't add URL tags before the web address; if it did, delete them.)


    If you're still having trouble, here is the image itself:
    A little Rowlet told me wanted this image as a signature banner. Well, my inner artist couldn't help itself and leaped at the call: http://i.imgur.com/10T95vY.jpg. (The image is 450 x 180 px, so it is within the signature size limit.) Feel free to use it if you want. My only request is that you credit me. :)
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