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  • There's no new topic button there because posting individual threads there is not allowed. Moving your thread there would have defeated the object of only being able to reply to the set threads. You would however, have been able to look at the threads there and determine the best course of action to follow to resolve your problem, or failing that, contact one of the trade mods directly. I help new people, I don't do everything for them. Ignorance is not an excuse, you have to learn things on your own. If you are unsure of where or how to post something, then you should ask a moderator rather than posting anywhere, which may be incorrect.
    Do you still have regi trio up for trade, I have all other non event legendaries, UT, that I'm willing to part with?!
    Do you still have the regi trio up for trade? I'm willing to trade any of the legendaries, the only ones i need are these. Not counting events, unfortunately.
    Hi, do you still have that HG Kyogre? Interested in a tradeback? I have a Magnezone available if you want one for collatoral, or tradeback..
    I have a TRU Arceus if you are still looking for one. I only trade events for events though. So, do you have anything to offer?
    *-* Hmm... I need some pokémon with dragon dance which i can breed with my tyranitar or any with curse to breed with my miltank. '-' OOOOOOOr any with haze to breed with my gengar. hahahaha
    Hi, can you help me evolve my scyther, I just want to trade i to you then back to me so that it evolves? Please?
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