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  • Owait, it's 10 yen, sorry.

    Obviously that and the power of fairy tales. And yes, you can have some.

    Then I'm crashing Jamaica into Canada. :|
    They also slipped 10 dollars into your pocket.

    I know, I totally soloed your country while mah boyz were off conquering Germany. I have a Death Star. :D
    Serebii ate this message not once, not twice, not thrice, but four times. What up with that.

    Ugh, now I'm wishing you got them after the tour.

    Doesn't that violate some law somewhere or something?
    Hey hows it going? Its been a while and im sorry for that, i havnt been as active as i used to be, so i thought i drop in and say hi
    Indeed it does, we were planning on remaking it but then the mods went on a little tirade about not recreating deleted groups unless they were closed due to inactivity, so we knew at that point all hope was gone. Now where will our secondary randomness occur?
    The user group got closed down because it was deemed to be too specific and therefore spam. We mourned it's loss but we cannot get it back. It is the end of an era. Also while I am here...
    Lol XD... That should be in the Canada thread actually XD

    Yeah that is true.. .Considering we invented it, and Lacross, and Basketball... Then there were other inventions by Canadians too =D
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