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  • I know i was so happy to see we went far that year.... This year i've watched about 120 games and almost all playoff games...

    I have no clue... IT is rather odd to have a hockey team in the desert (On a horse with no name XD) The onl thing that i keeping there is Wayne Gretzky
    But we only came back in 1992... Or was it 91? Anyways... Yay we will always be better than Toronto for sure =D... Speaking of Toronto they were suppose to Move the Coyotes into Hamilton.... Making it Toronto's new rival... I cant see it happening though... Im thinking that i should make a NHL thread in September
    Oh XD... My Team is Ottawa Senators... I shoulda asked if you keep up with hockey before i went yappin about a whole bunch of random hockey stuff XD
    And my dad won a $20 bet on the exact same thing.. Cause his team was the Hawks...

    I honestly thought he shoulda either stayed in Toronto or in Europe. But i shoudlnt pick on him too much. Right now my team cant stay together... heatley wants to go but i dont want him too XD, and then Kovalev comes in hopin to play with Spezza and Alfie... Ugh.... My favorite from Vancouver would either be the Sedin brothers or Luongo
    Yep Ontario :3
    We not that much better for weather... Its either been Cold And Rain, Hot And Rain or Hot and Muggy... Canucks had a good chance in the Playoffs this year eh?
    Oh how much i've always wanted to go to BC. NOt just for the Vancouver Canucks but to see the rockies... Im in the most polluted province in Canada
    Indeed you did.

    If only you shot them before they did that musical tour. V_V

    I'm surprised it was the eleven year olds, I would've expected the retailers to do that. o.o
    Meh, it's better than what standard jobs pay. If you bug eight people an hour, you can earn 96 bucks an hour. =/

    Well, they do that to do that, then.
    Fine, fine, I don't get payed to do that anyways. =/

    I meant the next to last part:

    I'm going my own way just to screw with everyone
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