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  • Well, you can judge that it's a book, that's what I meant. =3

    ...Well, he might be a Zombie Neurosurgeon now. Have they been practicing witchcraft as of late?

    Yes, yes he was. =/
    Nowadays, you can. =3


    No, that really was John McCain, he just is a crazy old man, like every other president. =/
    Well, books are more trustable than AIs, because AIs are starting to develop sassy personalities, and will purposefully give you wrong answers so you look like an idiot. >_>

    I think they're dead, so they can't. =/

    I've done that several times, too.

    It would be odd if we accidentally replaced each other's robots. XD
    "No side affects of either, and they are fully controllable."

    That's what the book says. =/

    Agreed. *nods*

    I'm out of robots, after that attempt to replace Cr-

    You heard nothing. >_> <_<
    Says here, you will get X-Ray Vision, and the power to bend metal with your mind. =/

    Stupid people are always leaving their knives around willy nilly. >_>

    Unfortunately, most of them still require the pay. >.<;
    According to my big book of side affects, you get...


    But only when you come in contact with magnets. =/

    Bah, got to hate it when the people you rob constantly die.

    Some of them don't even require that. >.> <.<
    Nah, Gelatin Bodies just give you some minor swelling. =/

    ...Where did that come from? o.o

    Ah, they do, they do. Some of them are more lenient, though. =/
    No, no, no, the side affects are heart burn, indigestion, upset stomach,, and diarrhea. =/

    One of the downsides. v_v

    Well, I wasn't tall enough. D=
    Yeah, it's probably best not too think about it. >____>

    It's like being a ninja, you risk your life on a day to day basis, the paper work's a *****, and the pay? Awful. Oh well, you get to meet new people and learn Martial Arts, so whatever.
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