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  • I can give it a shot. I just caught a Marowak and I have an aron, i just need to level up the aron so that it knows iron head and see if the rng gods are smiling at me. Just so i'm looking for the right thing: shiny cubone with egg move iron head ?,31,31,x,31,0 or 31.
    well i have a shiny aggron too that im willing to give away, i can breed any starters or zorua, i have a shiny uxie which im less happy about losing, and i can get other shinies through online trading if you dont like anything there and you give me a little time
    Okay, in that case I will wipe Dragonite and Charizard and give you whatever is left over. We can do this tomorrow, when I can get a hold of the rest of the berries.
    It takes 26 berries to completely wipe an EV of 250+. Which EVs of each Pokemon am I wiping, respectively? I'm if I'm wipping Charizard's special attack completely then it's 26 Hondew--which I can get, no problem. What are the EVs I'm wiping for Rayquaza and Dragonite, and how many?
    Okay, I can do that. Right now I have 15 Hondews, but tomorrow I will be able to get enough to have 21. Now the question is, how do you want to do this? Do you want to conduct 71 trades or do you want me to wipe them for you and then give you whatever is left over? I will take the Tru Arceus, Shiny Electivire, Shiny Metagross, and a zorua in exchange for them. Is that fine? Oh, and another thing, are they legit?
    Seeing as it is 50 berries that take a while to find and harvest, how does Tru Arceus (I'm guessing that one is not shiny) + Electivire sound? Or do you have any other propositions?
    Well, it's a lot of berries... I'm not 100% what to ask for. So far the shinies and Battle Subway items seem the most attractive--though the latter is more useful unless the shinies are well stated. But a shiny does have more worth than a subway item. What shinies can you offer?
    Haha, yes, EV is what I meant. Um, I have 40 grepa and 20 qualot at the moment. I won't be able to restock until Global Link is back up again.
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