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  • alright, if your cloning, can you clone me a TM dragon pulse? or Stone edge, i really need them if your cloning, and yeah trade in 10-20 mins
    No item necessary, just give me 10-20 minutes while I clone some pokemon for someone else on 5th gen.
    I can trade you the cranidos for that today if you want? (It is nicknamed Ramparados like you wanted)
    Lol, I was trying to see what avatars there were but in any case if I can make my own avatar and use that I will, and it will be more unique. (i'm still working on the kecelon btw so at this stage what shinies are you offering for it and cranidos)
    Ok, you told me last time you wanted +sdef.
    To make it easier for me just give me a list of possible natures you want so I don't have to spend ages getting 1 nature.
    I bred you a gentle shiny kecleon (+sdef - def) is this okay?
    And I forgot what nicknames you wanted?
    I will migrate a kecleon from sapphire to platinum soon so I'm on track to get you the kecleon at some stage next week.
    your a dust bunny breeder and ure calling me noob?.... yes @ 21 I learned how to really play pkmn and @ that turning point was the end of my noob streak
    I am now able to rng shinies. Ill rng yours within the next few weeks so you get time to find some other shinies for trade
    lol *hint* *hint* I don't look for shinies with a 1/8000 chance, I also am terrible at chaining and I've only had luck once with the masuda method so I'll have to RNG you one if I manage to learn how to RNG.
    Ok, I won't be able to trade you the cranidos then because I know for a fact it has already been cloned. Sorry about that.
    When I learn to RNG, which I almost have managed to learn, I'll let you know then.
    I now have the shiny cranidos. I'll clone it tonight and talk to you again tomorrow as right now I can't clone it. As it is flawless though I'll only trade it for 2/3 shinies.
    Before you head into wifi, do you want any of my guys (I can include items with them if you want) for your snorlax and alakazam?
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