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    ...This literally took 4 days. I got to pull a few things from official sources, mostly the hexagons, but the the two dragons I pixelized myself (using the colors from the downloadable C-Gear skins), not to mention I had to recreate all of the text based on the official logos (including the checkerboard effect and the gradient effect) and some of the text used in the C-Gear because everyone decided to only have fuzzy JPEG images of the text. And no, I didn't use any kind of image software besides paint.

    I wasn't sure if I wanted to go for a Black and White theme, but considering we have an HGSS banner, I thought "What the hell?"
    Your banner my dear is absoulutely wonderful, and the only one worthy to be the banner for the WSC. I will most definetely vote for you :)
    yeah, they got unbanned and everything is sort of back to normal, except ethan is gone and the majority of misc. is gone (resulting in my post count going way down..) and joe did have a penis for his avatar, but he definetely didn't do it.
    Lol misc has always been messed up.
    ...check it out, and check out serebii joe's avatar. We have been trolled D':
    oh okay, well that's cool. if there is a remake of rse (which I really want...!) it would be cool to compare your sprites to the official ones, wouldn't it? :D
    I like the maxi and (forgot his name >.<) sprites you made! you're quite talented at trainer sprites ;3
    Thanks for the [/thread] :p

    But yeah, it's extremely disappointing and anger-inducing when someone hates gays...just for hating them. I'm not gay but due to being 13 in high school and being extremely pro-gay it can get really stupid. At least some people are acceptable but most of the people just hate it cause they find it "gross" or "unnatural". Of course, no use arguing with such people because they'll invariably call me gay. :rolleyes:
    but the difference between all of these shows and Tracy Morgan is that they (with maybe the exception of South Park) don't use the murder of someone for no reason to get a laugh.
    That is a very good point. Thanks for pointing it out.
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