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  • it's great to have you back. :] lol, love your profile pic! Brit was so cute in that.

    yep, I've been a mod since '07. XD
    No, lol. The first time I heard of her was when you posted something about her and Brit wearing the same jacket in the Womanizer video. With a name like Brett... gee, I figured a man! I was like... huh? They have the same jacket?

    It makes sense now, lol.
    Sorry couldn't post that in the club, coz' its like, one word :p
    lmao lmao lmao

    You asked the wrong person :(
    The only thing I know bout comps is that a keyboard has more keys than I can count :/

    Soooowy :'(

    Try asking in Tech help ;D
    "Lean back baby, just relax, lemme examine ya...are you feelin' ill, let mummy make ya all better"

    Bahaha, it'd probs be something along those lines :x

    I hate doctors D:
    I still think they get horny over sick people.
    I mean for real, their driving passion for their career is 'helping people'?
    Their career relies on people who are ill lmao.

    They just enjoy touching patients all over.
    It didn't send! Serebii, boo you wh*re! lol!

    :eek: Oh my damn... that's no virus that's a...something bad, lol.
    Oh well, good to know that you can count on your doctors to tell you whats wrong with you! -____-
    I have no idea what's wrong with me lol.

    I had a fever. I felt dizzy. I was passing out. I felt cold. I had stomach pains [Still do].
    I had a 3 day-long headache ;/

    And all the doctor told me was that I had a 'virus'.
    That's it. Dunno what it's called or what it does lol.
    I dunno why I can't taste :(
    Hiya ;D

    Ahuh D:
    Poor him...

    Newaiz, hows yoo? : )

    I'm good. I'm fine. Not so sick no more :D
    Circus healed me lmao.
    Still can't taste anything though :S
    omg can't believe you weren't on my friends list xD

    You're like the most active member in the club :p
    Yay, thanx <3
    I should give you a prize...

    But I don't have one :D
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