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    Pop Music Thread

    Usher? Chris Brown? Anyway, allow me to introduce everyone to the Pop world's next big thing. Get your life from it, enjoy the utter slay-age, your favorites could never, etc.
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    Leave your Godzilla jokes at the door; Japan hit by 8.9 Earthquake and Tsunami.

    Lol. It's the same as Kennedy and Lincoln having all those random similarities, really.
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    x. Pop-Pop 2.0!~

    Chile... 10char
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    The official (intelligent) rap/ hip hop discussion thread

    I want to be a fan, but he's a bit too hit and miss for me. I enjoy songs like Best I Ever Had, Houstatlantavegas and Find Your Love. Don't care for songs like Successful or Over, though...or anything with his Young Money (shudders at the thought of having to listen to this Nicki Minaj person...
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    x. Pop-Pop 2.0!~

    Well, there's only been three songs "released"... Papers was a buzz single from the get go, Hey Daddy is the official first single and There Goes My Baby was released as a "Countdown to..." as per usual with album releases on iTunes.
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    x. Pop-Pop 2.0!~

    Why does "she got beaten up" always get brought into the conversation? What the hell does that have to do with how music turns out? Britney went to absolute **** but Blackout is and always will be here greatest album. Hell, Chris Brown did the beating and his music is turning out to be ten times...
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    A theory about noobs.

    I don't see what musical taste has to do with anything. :\
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    x. Pop-Pop 2.0!~

    Yes, yes and yes. I concur. I think she's trying way too hard to be "bad ***" and "gangsta." Doesn't really work. I do love Fire Bomb though!
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    x. Pop-Pop 2.0!~

    The interview isn't out yet... so. =\ But eight month after she gets her *** beat, after she goes back to him, after he's coming and going from her house at three in the morning, after she tries to get a stay away order removed, after she runs around half naked, she FINALLY decides to speak...
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    x. Pop-Pop 2.0!~

    Exactly. *****. Boo. Bye. Meanwhile, Video Phone was suppose to premiere thirty minutes ago. Nothing. Thanks for making me watch your stupid reality dating show MTV. I hate you. Still.
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    x. Pop-Pop 2.0!~

    She does have an ego (which is why I was so excited for Fame Kills, her and Kanye's are huge by themselves, but together... absolute epic-ness) but she's said many times she's respected, admired, etc. Britney.
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    Honestly, I hate it and I've never even seen it. I can't "deal" with shows that have stans, personally.
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    x. Pop-Pop 2.0!~

    Well, $10-$15 for, basically, a re-hash of the greatest hits album, that leaves off some of her better songs against a (I don't know the exact price, lol) $100 collection of 30 singles, plus a remix/b-side, plus a DVD. Deluxe is more bang for your buck, if you ask me. That's what I'll be...
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    x. Pop-Pop 2.0!~

    As in the music group. It's a metaphor for the threesome. She's Mary. She's "doing" Peter and Paul.