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  • Hey, good to see your back.

    If you have the latest version of rng reporter you need to go to 5th gen tools on the main screen and if I remember correctly there's an option for hidden grotto encounters or something like that. The encounter tables are written in the correct order.

    Another interesting thing I've found recently is that some seeds are "weird". Even if you've not used it in game you may have to tick the memory link tick box to determine you initial frame. Don't know why that happens but it means your starting frame is actually 2 or 3 before what you originally thought. Its happened to me twice now
    I'm glad it's of help. :)
    As for the Meloetta, there's no Gamestop near me unfortunately. I already have one from previous trades at least.
    Unfortunately the generation of things is just patience. But there are some important things to be 100% sure of first:
    1. Check the order of hidden grottos using the utility in RNG reporter. Each grotto before the one you are trying to generate something in must be occupied (whether visible or not). Otherwise you won't be generating things in your target grotto.
    2. The day care centre must be empty. Any pokes in there will change the frame for generating a hidden grotto item/pokemon.

    After that its just a matter of patience. I save in the collect the item/defeat the poke in the centre of the grotto, then save. I then *try* to hit a seed to generate my desired pokemon, then I walk at least 256 steps (9 laps of a grotto is more than enough). Then I exit and re-enter and hope for the best. As you should generate a lot of seeds to make something appear in the grotto you could try changing seeds if one isn't working out for you.

    As for speeding up the process - I've got the running 9 laps and exiting and entering a grotto down to about 3 or 4 minutes but I think that's as fast as you're going to get. Apart from that its just patience.

    Hope the exams went well!
    Sorry for the late reply, I have been crazy busy.

    You're right - timer0 is an issue with BW2 but you just have to be patient. The PID results should be independent to the Timer0. As for Latios I have read that there is a WNPC in the dreamyard so that may have been the issue there. I've heard you can stop him moving but if you didn't do that then he may have been advancing your frame.

    Or if you're talking about just in the RNG reporter I found a difference between the starting frame in the time finder compared to the main screen. I think it was off by 2 but one of them (time finder I think) is correct.

    As for hidden grottoes it seems to be quite straight forward, as long as your patient with the Timer0. The worst bit in my opinion is trying to generate the pokemon you want in the first place. I have spent ages going back in to the grotto to find nothing! I have managed to get my Ditto to appear and I have found another seed with a Timer0 I can hit but annoyingly everytime I hit the correct timer0 I've been either a second early or a second late!!
    I could help you to learn maybe. The main issue is just timer0 trolling! Good luck for your tests.
    Thanks, I really appreciate that.

    If you want any more unique hidden grotto rng's I'm sure we could work out other deals and it would be good practise for me
    You're welcome. Thanks for the Latios and I hope the Ditto works out for you or your sister!
    This is probably very obvious but the trade will be with my white2 friend code. I'm assuming yours is your new code
    Thanks for the advice! I'm there for such a short time that I don't know how much I'll get to see!
    The ditto will be 100% unique. I've found another seed but I'm having trouble generating another imposter ditto. I'm also thinking of making some hex flawless ones too for trade so I've got options to make sure yours is unique. Do you have intentions of trading the ditto in the future and that's why being unique is an advantage? If so, I don't want the ditto to be cloned in the future if I'm not going to use the seed again.

    And yes, first time staying in Singapore. I've been in transit through there before but first time actually staying. I'll be staying in a holiday inn. It says the internet is free but I've had trouble getting my ds on hotel networks before.

    2pm on saturday should not be a problem. My saturday is getting busier now but I think that's do-able.

    Looking forward to getting my hands on the Latios :)
    Sorry its taken me a while to get back to you - as I said I had a busy weekend. But I do have good news - the ditto is done. I can't remember the exact day but the capture date is march 2013 and it has the 31/31/31/31/31/2 hp ice 70 iv spread with a sassy nature.

    If those dates don't really work for you because of your tests we could try march 2nd? I'll then be away with work (I'll be in Singapore which is a better time zone for you) but I don't know if I'll be able to get my ds on the hotel internet but I then have a couple of days off when I get back so that might work too
    Hi, just to keep you updated I've been really busy and am very busy this weekend, so I won't be able to trade before then. As you're GMT+8 (from what I can see) and I'm on GMT I can't see us trading on weekdays so if we say that we'll trade around 23rd/24th is that OK with you? I''ll have the Ditto done by then.

    Also the IV's for the Latios are obivously perfect and the encounter date is fine too
    Hey, I think I've got it worked out but I'm just being timer0 trolled at the moment. I've found a seed of 31/31/31/31/31/2 (hp ice 70) and, although I haven't been able to catch a synchronize sassy poke, there's a sassy nature quite close to the initial frame. So getting that spread on a sassy imposter ditto should be achievable. I've hit the seed already, now I just need to hit it again so that I can chatot flip to the right frame. Are you interested in having it nicknamed?

    I know you're looking for uncloned but do you have any issue with me re-using the seed to rng myself more imposter dittos? I'm thinking of using different pokeballs to keep them unique, or giving nicknames for the same reason. If you don't like the idea that's fine, I'll just look for other seeds with the same spread.It will 100% not be cloned with any external device like an action replay, I don't have one. I just have a 3ds and rng reporter :)

    Can you also confirm the ivs of the latios please?
    I will keep you updated. Does it bother you if the encounter date is in the future or past (before game release)? That would help with finding seeds
    Don't worry about turning down my offers. I'll see what I can do on the ditto. I need to learn how to generate the ditto first! And I'll need to get hold of a sassy musharna or munna so I could be a while on this if you're happy to wait!
    No problem. I received those two in trades so they may have been clones. From checking them I think the Breloom may have been and the Alakazam wasn't. Sorry I didn't realise that was a deal-breaker. But I have got a lvl 1 Timburr that I RNG'd myself and was planning to train that I could trade. It's IV's are 31/31/31/18/31/0 and it has a Brave nature. It's moves are Drain Punch/Mach Punch/Rock Slide/Protect and it's infected with pokerus.

    I will be away for a couple of days now so won't be able to trade until Wednesday at earliest, but with time differences between us we may have to wait until weekends anyway. Ifth Conkeldurr doesn't do anything for you I am planning to look in to hideen grotto RNG'ing. Was there a nature you'd be looking for with the Imposter Ditto? I'm not going to guarantee that just yet because I need to work out what I'm doing!!
    Forgot to say both those pokemon are trained - the jolly breloom is 12HP/252Atk/244Spe and has the egg move focus punch. The alakazam is trained 255Sp.A/255Spe
    I could do dw abilities, but I'd do them by breeding so anything genderless would be out. I've got a fair chunk of the abilities too so I might be able to do something for you. My next rng attempt in white is to breed an adamant atk flawless dw shroomish with bullet seed.

    I'm a bit confused with hidden hollow rng. I've not really looked in to it but I have had much more trouble with white2 over white due to the obvious timer0 trouble.

    Also, I've got a shiny sp.a flawless hp ice 70 magic guard alakazam that I'd be willing to trade too. And as I have that and a shiny jolly flawless poison heal breloom ready to go right now I'd be more than happy to trade both of those for the latios if that interests you?
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