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  • I know this site is for pokemon but I'm hungry for a blue cheese,sweet onion burger.Idk why I just am.
    Also, if you want a bulky Dragonite go with this set.

    Dragonite @ Leftovers
    Careful Nature (+SpD, -SpA)
    252 HP/252 SpD/4 Spe
    Thunder Wave
    Dragon Tail
    Rate this set:
    Evs134hp/4atk/8def/248sdef/114spd careful-dozes off
    hold-Leftovers/yache/haban/lum berry.

    I made this set w/ slow sweepers in mind.Let me know what you think.
    alright.Well look I have to go.Right now there a lot more stuff important right now than pocket monsters and even though i couldn't make my appearance as gym leader I'm glad that at least some stuff was done.After I post this there will probably be a zero to none chance I'll be on serebii anymore.So I guess I'll see ya when I can.Bye guys.
    Well, I'm quitting after I finish organizing Project Obsidian and Moonstone's forums, so I will probably be gone by the time you get back.
    even though I've been on serebii for a bit I'm still not kosher w/ all the terms.I mean I've been playing pkmn for a while and I only just recently joined serebii.But you know sometimes it is funny to laugh at a noob.If you can't laugh at yourself don't make jokes right?BTW sevensevens I put an infernape I raised and gave it a choice band for my team.it's speedy but its atk is 252 so I needed to up the ante.
    hahaha... you didn't know what a sig is... no offense. just need a good laugh once in a while. ex: today. hilarious. end of conversation.
    What about magmortar.I could choice spec it.But then it's speed would leave it open to be Ko'd.What about a timid magmortar and i give it a salac berry or somethin.I'll work on it.
    Hey, since you are using Dragons, you might want to put an Ice Breaker on your team. Garchomp works as an effective Rock Breaker, Dragon's only other major threat, but Ice still might hurt your team. Also, since you are using "Dragons" and not "Dragon Types", you can use other types that are still technically Dragons like Charizard, Aerodactyl, and Gyarados. Charizard would make a great Ice Breaker.
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