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  • I just got an AR today, not planning on using it for anything but bonus XP and Rare Candies to complete my team faster. If you need any Items, and I mean ANY items, I can probably give it to you. Also, my team should be done by tomorrow or the next day.
    Sevensevens is right. That's all PKRS does. Btw, could you trade me a shiny tomorrow? Only have three in all of my games.
    Afraid so man. The stats are impossible to get without hacking. PKRS affects the rate in which you get EVs, not the amount you can get.
    Pkrs came out of nowhere.I remember I was fighting a machoke near the survival area and when I went to the pkmn center nurse joy talked about it.So I looked it up and spread it to the rest of the ones i owned.Since then I've been raising w/ pkrs.I realize that the odds of getting it from the wild are rarer than encountering a shiny.But no the ones i have are only hacked for shinyness.That's it.
    No not the ones I posted.Those i raised normally.They aren't hacked.Hacked to be shiny probably.To be raised no.I raise them normally.I don't usu use rc's to raise.In fact I've probably only raised maybe 3 pkmn w/ rc's.
    Hey, I just realized your pokemon are hacked. They all seem to have 255 EVs in every stat, exceeding the limit of 510 EVs. I don't care that you use AR or GS to make your team, but if you plan on using it against other players, make sure you only max out up to 2 stats.
    My pkmn have pkrs.So i use stuff like the macho brace and power brace.+ nature and they turn out pretty decent.Other than that I raise them normally.I usu compare rc raised pkmn to my normly raised ones.
    ok. i normally get my items (ther'e legit otherwise) and raise my pokemon with ar, but don't use any rare candies
    I've used action replay but not for the ones you will face.Only for like a shiny garchomp.And rare candy's not prints.No those I want to get by my own efforts.Other than that garchomp and some proteins I haven't really used the ar for much.
    I would, but I can't find my Pearl version, and the highest level I have on Heartgold is 72, being Porygon-Z. I will add your FC though, and we can battle once I am done with my team.
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