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  • thanks I actually have been a leader in many things tbh I own my own guild which my first one was after the shiny dispute happen in 2012 I think when everyone rioted and alot of ban of shiny threads went up so I moved to the comp section and then I did open some clubs which one of my clubs is still running ^_^ I pretty good at running things just the club section died a few years ago which alot of serebii stuff lately is dying after x and y came out >.> Oh I also own my own art shop as well which I opened one 3 or 4 years ago which was one of the best shops besides a few and now I reopened a new one just last year. I closed the first shop and guild/clan around the same time. Thank you for the lugia congrats which I was super proud of it ^_^ I am mming for shiny igglybuff in my oras now I am storing my 10 box of eggs for a third time :3 I hope to hatch a near flawless shiny modest iggly soon ;) I am not sure if you know that its easier now to get flawless shinies now for competitive battle ^_^ oh we can have special ball choices ;) I know you been shiny hunting in older games not sure if you have oras yet?
    yes it has been awhile miss the days we all got together to rearrange hunts and stuff XD I have been doing fine and I didn't really hunt as much I use to in 5th gen do to I learned to rng because I started comp battling and need flawless shinies but then later when x and y came out I started hunting more again which in gen 6th they lowered the odds and breeding ivs got better so I got back into hunting again. I obtained probably at least 10 to 15 shinies my guess can't remember the count in two games all together as I did do a successfully sr recently with my shiny lugia in my oras game without the charm :3 I am very proud of her ^_^ which strangely I had a dream she would show the next day and bam it was there 0_0 oh I plan on making a shiny hunter club again once the ban is uplifted in the club section. I heard it will be uplifted soon by a mod just waiting now :p
    holy mother of god g-money its been awhile not sure if you come back so I kinda unfriend you but I not sure if you remember me from the old shiny hunting days with our small community with nakashima but its me Eeveelover824 I just changed my name ^_^
    Oh alright, I'm gonna join =p
    Congrats on your shiny Spheal btw, I had to go over 20k to get it.
    *waves back* Alright I guess.. I've been a bit lazy this month due to everything that goes on.. and to annoy me further my cousin wants his firered back even though I've done 4113 encounters on it -.- Oh well.. but nothing new to report.. I'd love a birthday shiny though
    Hey, whats up?

    Nice to hear someone from the old shiny club again.
    I'm still hunting shinies, sometimes I post my shinies in shiny threads like in the B/W section if you happen to read. Yeah, my hunts are going good if I keep on hunting =D
    I'm kind lazy lately, though. I haven't got my 1/8192 shiny in November.

    How bout you yourself, are your hunts going well? Can you get shinies from all of your game carts?
    not really anywhere i haven't shiny hunted in awhile...i been just competive battling and running my clan..thank you sweetie for asking :)
    I'm going to just guess that you have just woke up and decided that you are good at stats. That's a ridiculous hypothesis, and it's nowhere near accurate if you consider that all of those people hatched the shiny, unlike those of us who hatch 3,000 eggs like myself and give up.

    To better your study why don't you slap a foreign magikarp and a in game magikarp in the day care and hatch 100,000 eggs. Then see how many of them were shiny. THAT might even get you the RIGHT results. Although, I don't suggest it due to the amount of time it would waste just to find the PROVEN odds.
    If you say so. Have fun with that I guess. Though I think I'll continue to believe the odds that were pulled from the game.
    LOTS of hunts end early. Just because a lot of people get Masuda shinies early does not mean the odds are lower than what's been found in the game code. I've seen a LOT of RE hunts end in under 4000 encounters but I think we all agree that the wild encounter shiny rate is still 1/8192.
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