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  • About zorua, you do need a celebi from one of the most recent events. But, you can 'view' it by reading something in the game, so you could always trade for one over gts then mm it.
    Thanks for the welcome VM! =3 I didn't expect that.

    As for the Treecko, I'm entering into a race against Betulina(Sp) for Treecko, since he/she is around 10k as well. ^_^

    Edit: I'm also your 300th visitor to this page. I believe an obligatory 300 Plug is necessary.

    That sucks.

    Why, is pokemon game banned in your family?

    Well, someday if you own/make your money, you can have a revenge and buy as many pokemon game versions as you like. And hunt away!^^
    haha nice,
    I wanted to do that in my Ruby, by the time I got to Slateport, I got that wonderful message: "The internal battery has run dry..." so I'm gonna do my best to do that in my Sapphire.
    that was the thought at the time. now it's getting a little tedious. but im gonna stick with it
    Hey Thanks,
    Yeah, once i got past... well i don;t remember what number of SRs it was, but i eventually realized that all of my time would have been even more wasted if i gave up.
    Your Treecko is rad too, that is one of my favorite Shinies, well Sceptile anyway, but same colours.
    Future hunts?
    Thank you! It's nice to have a vm from another shiny member from the club.

    Are you going to buy B/W game? I recommend you to hunt for Litwick too, it really is a cool and beautiful shiny, especially the final evo Chandelure. A shiny you'll definitely feel proud to have it.^^

    Anyway, I've said but congrats again on your Treecko! I haven't got one, it's one my future targets, and I'm gonna sr for it.

    Good luck on your other hunts too.
    Thanks, i agree she does, be sure to look out for the vid which i will upload tommorow and post a link in the club
    thanks! I'm trying to get my third gen sapphire hunts done fast before my games battery dies on me, I had a ruby version like two years ago which already died on me but I ended up losing it, my friend has ruby too but his one's battery has died too aha
    I've checked, it can be shiny, which really sucks considering I've gotten up so far. :p
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