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Aug 10, 2020 at 7:08 PM
Jul 13, 2012
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G-SANtos was last seen:
Aug 10, 2020 at 7:08 PM
    1. BenLee really not taken
      BenLee really not taken
      I do wish to know if the tweet "he said the International Police wouldn't fit in the XY arc." exists.
      Also, I just wanted to say I really really love your comments on manga section. You give such a great analysis, and lets me understand Pokespe in a way that I couldn't before.
      1. G-SANtos
        I'll try to find it when I have time.
        May 17, 2020
      2. G-SANtos
        Nevermind, found it. https://twitter.com/satoshi_swalot/status/1205809229581316097

        Turns out what he actually said was that because Green was already observing Kalos, fitting the International Police would've been hard, and that's why Handsome didn't appear.
        It also seems he said "probably", but I'm not sure. I'll ask Crt.
        May 17, 2020
      3. BenLee really not taken
        BenLee really not taken
        I looked at it. and I believe Yamamoto says in the middle:
        That might've been why Looker didn't appear.

        On Pokespedia foreshadowing that Mitsuru would mega evolve Alteria, where did you find that? Literally, the only Pokemon they show for him is Roselia, and in the mega evolution section, they hardly show much of Mega Evolved Pokemon in Pokespe.
        May 17, 2020
    2. 1dbad
      Hey, I just wanted to say regardless if your theories turn out to be true or not that I find them to be quite an interesting read. You have a great imagination to think up some of those things, and I wouldn't mind you being right about some of them either. I also found your reasoning for three future games intriguing as well, and your guesses about future legendaries sound the most plausible out of what I've seen.
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