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Feb 29, 2020
Aug 8, 2007
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G_R7 was last seen:
Feb 29, 2020
    1. Cosmic Fury
      Cosmic Fury
      Are you still able to trade?


      Cherish Ball Movie 14 Satoshi サトシ ID 07161 Reshiram レシラムwith Dragon Gem and Wishing Ribbon (Level 100, Modest, UT) The date on mine is 7/16/2011

      Cherish Ball Movie 14 Satoshi サトシ ID 07161 Zekrom ゼクロム with Dragon Gem and Wishing Ribbon (Level 100, Adamant, UT). The date on mine is 7/16/2011


      Shiny Cherish Ball Trading Card World Championship WCS ID 01110 Eevee イーブイ with Focus Sash and Classic Ribbon (Level 50, Hasty, UT) Date Jan 11th 2010

      Shiny Cherish Ball TCG World Championships 2008 WCS ID 10128 Milotic ミロカロス with Flame Orb and Classic Ribbon (Level 50, Timid, UT)
    2. Fissurous
      Are you still interested? .-.
    3. Fissurous
      Hey there, please VM me back when you get them shifted and are ready to trade :).
    4. dar
      do you have a singing pikachu with the ot チサアミーゴ i will trade you anything for it check my trade shop
    5. Gad
      Trade now? I'll be in the room.
    6. Gad
      I tried adding your main game, and it said that the FC is incorrect :/
      Which one should I add?
    7. Gad
      Oh, and I'll also need clones back of my events :P I hope you don't mind doing that for me.
    8. Ex_Hollowman
      Shall we trade now?
    9. Ex_Hollowman
      G_R7, do I get the trade first? I gave a link.
    10. shmavik
    11. shiny collector 96
      shiny collector 96
      yo can u clone? :3
    12. WhiteWisper
      I'll update a post in your shop for later, if you want to know the Janta's Golurk and Carlita's Hydreigon, that, have been cloned like crazy, the natures of the excessively duped Hydreigon are Modest and Impish while the nature for Golurk is Brave. Be careful before accepting those two.
    13. Gad
      Regirock for Darkrai now? :)
    14. Gad
      If you ever get any time, PM me so we can trade. The trade isn't off, is it?
    15. Gad
      Hey man, you wanna trade Regirock for Darkrai now, and the Axew for Charmander later if it is different from Dion's?
    16. Gad
      Are you interested in my offer on your shop?
    17. 9dragonbreed
      Hey have you obtained a Suicune Yet if not ill be in the wifi room
    18. KalebKonan
      Hey bro I have all of the pokemon you are seeking except the mew. PM me if you want to trade. My Pm is not working
    19. Manaphy
      Yo, noticed you were interested in a Gamestop Raikou. I'm interested in a Shaymin and a direct swap would be fine.

    20. RiseOfZekrom
      I have a couple Gamestop Raikous now, are you interested in any?
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    All Gen 5 Trades:0819 4028 8122.
    3DS Friend Code: 3007 8062 6995. Add me for Mario Kart 7 and any upcoming games!