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Last Activity:
Nov 15, 2013
Apr 15, 2011
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is low on Patrats

Gad was last seen:
Nov 15, 2013
    1. Ginji
      let me know when one of them answers
    2. pokemonjeff
      Someone dug through the old shops and posted in mine... Then another person posted... Great googely moogely O.O
    3. Ginji
      Would you do that?
    4. pokemonjeff
      If it passes the dw ability down for pokes too, That would make it easily 500x more valuable to me xD
    5. Ginji
      Do you know any hack checkers?
    6. FILIP22
      yea, my want list is almost gone too lol
    7. FILIP22
      well I had a 7week hiatus cause my laptop broke xD
    8. Ginji
      hmmm dunno, I need it to be hack checked
    9. pokemonjeff
      Lol that link leads to a page that says "there is currently no text available" xD.

      Anyway. Dittos already a pain competitively. I dont use him for anything other than egg spamming xD
    10. Ginji
      I'm ready whenever your online and use my diamond fc

      I got couple new events added in my list and a shiny pokepark celebi that I got from a friend a few hours ago
    11. pokemonjeff
      Lugia would be AMAZING. His dw is the ****. aha. Whats imposter do?
    12. pokemonjeff
      Aha what have you been upto? (PM if its private xD).

      Anyway. Yea. Its been kinda boring. And right? Hmmm. I know i'v got half a dozen new shiny flawless dw, as well as a few other shiny flawless. :D
    13. Ginji
      hmm I looking back in some of our old vm conversations, its these 3:
      UT JP Birthday Pikachu lv.40 (2/10/09) OT: ヨコハマ ID: 12268 w/lucky egg strong willed
      UT Deoxys lv.70 (6/23/07) OT: 10th ID: 07147
      UT Jirachi lv.5 OT: ネガイボシ ID: 30719
    14. pokemonjeff
      Finally! Been wondering where you went. Fishy dissapeared too... Simba never did come back... Muffin has been nonresponsive to me for some time. It gets lonely :O! Anyway. I got a buuunch of new stuff! :D
    15. Ginji
      Yup but what were they again? XD
    16. NoToRiousBrawL
      Hello will you trade your pkmn for my Heracross.
    17. SaltySoul
      What's happened to you?
    18. aaron11700
      sad..still remember our trade? == if not its ok...i want your 343 Baltoy: Revan's Baltoy (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLESS)...cmt these for me
    19. 2rsa
      It has 31 IV s in hp sorry i couldn't tell you lsst night:p
    20. 2rsa
      I'll tell you the hp the moment i checked it.i also got a flawless one now.
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