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  • Yes I have tons of different shiny Pokemon. I have them all listed on my shop. Click on the banner in my signature for link to my shop.
    Nice luck! But I think you forgot to manage your LC tournament. You got the signups done but you didn't make a bracket or anything yet...
    Would you be able to get them both with the other egg moves? Would it be okay if I slightly modified the Anorith only?

    EDIT: Okay could you add the egg move Swords Dance to Anorith?

    I will also need both the of the egg move Pokemon male and the same would apply for Charmander.
    No I don't have that game unfortunately.

    I would appreciate that with the egg move Pokemon though.

    Since my only normal form Deoxys I believe is my Oblivia Deoxys. Which if you weren't referring to my Oblivia Deoxys. I need to copy and paste the Deoxys you want specifically from my shop.
    Sorry for the late reply.

    Well I am not really interested in the Rattata, since neither move is an egg move.

    Would you be able to get me an Anorith with the egg moves Cross Poison and Curse? That and a Lileep with the egg moves Recover, Tickle, and Curse?

    I would like these 2 Pokemon along with the Charmander.

    I am assuming you are referring to my Oblivia Deoxys then.
    Well I am not really looking for any egg moves in particular, but I could figure some out if you would like. Also it would depend what Deoxys you wanted. Could you copy and paste the Deoxys you want? That way I would know exactly what the Deoxys is.
    Okay please post on the shop next time. I will let this one occasion slide though. Well I already have a shiny Charmander with some egg moves. What else would you be willing to offer?

    EDIT: Thanks for the comment about my shop.
    I can't connect on PO :/. Since I'm moving this weekend I'm going to let Khybon and Dark Sharpedo fill in until Monday.
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