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  • XD You're not supposed to drink pool water! I don't know the effect chlorine has when ingested (though it "tastes" and "feels" weird), but you're not supposed to drink it.
    Yeah, some people pee in the pools, but it's not as common as you think. It's mostly just the younger kids who do. Public pools are supposed to be cleaned out, but I guess they don't, from what I gather...
    I love ham and cheese 8D. I've been craving it lately.

    Ooh, theater. You should pursue it. You strive hard, you can be on one of those Broadway shows. And if you can sing, you should try your hardest to be the Phantom of the Opera 8D.


    It's okay. I'm no expert myself. I hate going into the deep end of the pool because I can't float very well for long periods of time. Every time I do, I stay by the wall. Doesn't mean I won't try the diving board, but I have to swim pretty quickly to the side. I'm sure I look really awkward xD.
    Oh yeah, you said you were writing a one-shot. I look forward to reading it!


    And that's why I can't stand celebrities and the Olympics.

    XD True, lol. You have probably little markets that are like the Mom and Pop stores.

    It's okay. I didn't really learn to swim well until I was late in my teens.
    XD It's okay. You're busy.

    To rip your heart out, of course!

    They weren't stupid, though, especially since they were doing productive things with their time (even if the other people scoffed at them). The people we laugh at today are the stupid ones because they're not making smart choices. They're not building machines in their spare time (maybe) or solving mathematical questions. They're out willy-nilly having illegitimate babies and then go on shows to try and find out who's the father of the baby and make complete jackasses of themselves doing so.

    Naw, it should be "Home of the 'Good Lord' people". You probably have a Wal-Mart where you live (maybe, since you know of it), you should know of the very odd (usually white trash) people who go there. We go to Wal-Mart because it's cheap and carries the things we like to get, but we also go there to feel better about ourselves at times.

    I'm nervous to go to the ocean, honestly xD. Never been to it, but yeah. Doesn't help I'm not a great swimmer. But... XDD do I really want to know?
    XD Yeah, so when they added the secondary characters, they killed them off, but tried to stay true to the original. That's why it's not considered a "wrong end" when the secondary characters die.

    Yeah, that's true... but the madness gets out of hand really quickly. But at least we can always point and laugh at the stupid people. That's always a fun pastime. It's why during the summer my parents will watch shows like Jerry Springer (sort of) or Maury so they can make fun of the people who go on the show. (Parents are both teachers, though Mom seems to work pretty much year-round on the online schools she works for, but the shows are on during her lunch breaks.) Same with Wal-Mart.

    It's a pretty island, though. How close to the ocean is your house?
    I saw it and the first thought was Alfonzo and I couldn't think of a pokemon that matched it. Then I went to a xat and then realized it might be fat albert then I tried thinking of a pokemon to fit then I went to the threaqd and saw you had posted...
    Yeah, looking forward for that one. My brothers and I looked it up on Wikipedia (tried to get them interested, but they kinda weren't, one is more interested in the gore), and saw it's been around since the mid '90s on the Windows PC o_O.

    I dunno, a lot of schools are messed up no matter where you go. I recall a story where in.. Uganda, I believe, it's somewhere in Africa, they used an unexploded (but still active) bomb from World War II or something for their school bell, and the teachers would throw stones at it to "ring" it. They were probably really poor to begin with, but it makes you shake your head in disbelief at the stupidity. "Best" part? The discovery was last year. And this was the second bomb they found in the same area, the first one was used as a children's toy.

    Not her being hired, her smacking around the kids.

    Wow, that's really cool. I never knew that archipelago existed xD. *looks at globe* XD Teeny islands. Which island do you live on?
    *screams wildly and jumps out window*

    *comes back* Gee, what a great school you got there :/. *mutters* Greedy jerks who could care less about education and more about their personal needs. *mutters*

    That doesn't give her an excuse, though.

    You know, I'm curious. You say you live on an island. What's the island's name?
    U-Unless... he WAS still alive o_O?

    The hell? Does your school not care what their teachers look like and act or something? That sounds like a person who wouldn't be hired as a teacher here.
    Oh... yeah... *shudders* Still, how was the dead body able to move? Was he haunting it or something?

    I don't know. She said she had a daughter in her twenties at the time, so I don't think it's how she was raised. She's a certified teacher, she should know how to teach kids, but I guess she was just a mean-spirited person or something. I don't know, and I don't care anymore. Besides, she was freaky-looking. She always had on heavy make-up o_O.
    Ah, okay. I didn't know he died right then and there. I thought Sachiko haunted the model or something. But... that means... half of his skin was peeled off.

    XD I haven't really had those kinds of teachers. Though in fourth grade, I had a fat hag for a teacher once (after our first teacher, who was awesome, left for some reason). She called us "pet" names like "egghead", yelled at us if we were talking too loudly during free time (Mom was on the phone with her during such an outburst), and embarrassed me in front of the class. I don't remember what she said or did, though, I repressed that thought from my mind. She was fired after a couple of months, and then we got a new, cool teacher.

    About a couple of years later, I SWEAR I saw her again at the Renaissance Festival, dressed in all green, and her hair was dyed orange. My friends didn't believe me.
    The freak? How did he die O_O? That explains the anatomy model, but... what? (Of course, it tries to kill you anyway.)

    But yeah, I can see how being a young teacher can have its advantages, I agree to that. Wish that was more the case here, but like I said, it's probably too risky these days. We tend to label young teachers as sex objects because of it--or at least the stupid media does. And the fact we're in desperate need of teachers even WITH the stupid budget cuts, I'd take young teachers over the old, cranky, probably-more experienced ones any day.
    True... oh yeah, what happened to Kizami? We never saw him again after Yuka escaped him. I wanted to know how he fit into the game's plot. He's also hot despite his evil intentions, he seriously doesn't look like an eleventh-grader.

    Yui is flipping awesome. Despite how young she was, she truly wanted to be a good teacher. Wish that would happen over here, but NOPE, it's almost like every single time, a young teacher has relationships with minors. I have of yet to have a really young teacher, and I doubt I will (I don't think it's possible for really young teachers to be college professors).
    XD I don't recall seeing the comments about that. Probably because I didn't look hard enough.

    Nope, haven't seen it, and don't care to. The text message is all I need. Though it's really sweet how it kept being sent to Naomi numerous times after she discovered what she did (which I didn't see coming, by the way).

    But MAN is the ending depressing. Sure, it sets up for a sequel, but... DAMN.
    B-but, horror-y things freak me out. ;w; What's it about?

    D8 Oh god, I'm so sorry Gallade... Are you really close to him?
    XD Ah, don't worry. The stupid comments ruined it for me anyway XP.


    Not sure if I did. You talking about the text message? Seiko's such a weird person.
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