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  • XD Yeah.

    Chapter five is getting really good. The revelation of Naho was creepy, though. I was actually waiting for a friend on Skype, so when I reached that part in the notebook, and the thunder clapped in the game, he came in XD. If I was really into it, I probably would've screamed.


    Though to be fair, I DO run my cursor over the timeline to see what pictures will come up in the part.
    I know, right? But Satoshi probably wanted the best for her xD. And she acts like that because it's "cute". Quite a lot of Japanese girls her age act like that.

    XD I'm on chapter five now, so I'll soon figure it out.

    And of all the wrong ends to chapter four, the drainage one was the worst. *shudders* And of course, my chest ached when Satoshi mentioned he may have been stabbed in the artery, and he slowly bled out o_O.

    Well then I won't stop bothering you about it.
    Ugh, yes, that part...

    She's just your typical little sister. I don't find any issue with her, though she really had to pee the whole time, so her whining was getting a little out of hand. Though you had to feel bad for that one wrong end with her eye being stabbed out.

    Possibly. I'm still trying to figure out the story and the lesson here. The last chapter may wrap it up for me. People love the game for a reason, so I'm discovering that for myself.

    Yeah... such an awful death.

    Eh... you can kinda see some of the wound. The sprites are always uncensored, and... sometimes the full art is. I don't know which is worse, a picture of Naomi and Seiko's strangled bodies, or the ghost boy's close-up of his gaping, tongueless mouth. Or that black mist figure. Oh, gosh, I don't know how I fell asleep last night... but the sound effects make it worse. When it comes to those sound effects, the cannibalism, or Yuka's eye being pulled out are the worst ones so far o_O.

    I dunno. But I guess it's not senseless gore, since it does have a purpose in the plot... it's the same with Higurashi.

    D8 Well... it looks like I'm half-way done with chapter two, so once that's over with, I'll look up its wrong ends.

    EDIT: *watched the wrong ends of chapter two* OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!

    Good to know.


    I looked up the two wrong ends to the first chapter (unless there's more). DEAR. GOD. It just gets worse from there, I bet.

    Lol, yeah. I'm trying to avoid the TV Tropes page until I'm done.

    There seems to be only one wrong end video in the playlist, but that's at the end, so I don't know which one it is. I may look them up individually later.

    Pffffft, such a weird English translation XD.

    I'm feeling it. And I'm trying to nervously chuckle off some of the moments...

    THAT was funny XD.

    Good LORD. I'm on chapter two right now of the videos (yeah, found someone who uploaded the whole game 8D, yay), and Ms. Yui just died. Holy CRAP, I haven't been this scared since Higurashi. The black apparition was very unsettling, reminded me of a certain... thing... *shudders* And yes, it's the PSP version.

    One turtle picture.
    Watching it right now. They just had the earthquake. It looks really interesting, I don't believe all Visual Novels are like this, so that adds to the uniqueness of it. And show me the turtle picture anyway.

    Ice cream's extra. Pay up.
    xD If I can come up with a story if I get into it.

    Better! You get......... A COOKIE BROWNIE! *tosses into air*
    Neat. I'll check into it, then. I unfortunately only have a Mac, so I'll have to look up videos XD.

    Welcome to the clu-ub, welcome to the clu-ub, welcomeGalladewelcomeGalladewelcomeGalladewelcomeGallade
    Well it's a game, right? *looks* Oooh, it's a visual novel. I'll so have to look this up when I get the chance.

    Except TV Tropes ruins your life 8D.
    Nice. Looks fun. I'll have to look into it.

    I love TV Tropes, almost to an unhealthy obsession with it XD.
    Yeah, I noticed it expiring.
    It's a shame really, but we'll see, if the rps I'm in don't succeed, I may join the Shinig game ^_^
    I'm very sorry, I'm going to have to cancel my signup thingy, I noticed that I'm wound up in too many RPs already on other forums.
    Thanks for reminding me, I almost forgot '^_^
    I have it ready, just need to tweak it a little, will submit it today evening.
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