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  • Well I don't know if I could do that is the thing.

    And ha! Not too late, I feel so proud of myself //slapped
    Oh me being all late to reply again; //hit

    I looked over the rules, and I don't know how active I could be? Because I keep forgetting and I'm sure that's not a valid excuse not to be active umm;
    Oh yeah, I hear they do that.

    Oh, kinda like a rodeo, only you're not lassoing the cow, as the rope's already been tied on from the start?
    That's... pretty vain of her. It may have been her day, but that's no excuse to be late for anything. Pray for the husband, he's going to have to put up with this kind of behavior.

    Eesh, glad he's okay. I guess bullfighting is a bit of a custom where you live. I never been to one, probably because Arizona doesn't have room/laws for such things or something.
    Two hours is I guess easily forgivable if she was caught in traffic (though brides and grooms I assume are suppose do arrive pretty early to get themselves dressed and all prettied up). Though four hours late for dinner is rather... I wouldn't say suspicious, but that is rather rude. Who knows what she was doing. (Maybe she and her new husband wanted to get it over with*SHOT*) That sucks, though.

    My weekend was okay. I wrote quit a bit for the one-shot, but then I came up with, like three more different ideas. Sooooo...
    I still wanna see, though... O^O

    Don't just try. DO IT. That's what being a writer is all about, you gotta take risks.

    Well I wanna see it to make sure.

    That is the main cons of it, but if you really want to tell a story, you'll have to do everything you can to keep it alive until it's finished. It's worth the pain and years.

    Mind screws of visual novels, to be more precise XD.
    I won't get fat. I eat a lot of junk at my grandparents' anyway (because I'm spoiled over there).

    XD It takes talent to make something like eyes follow you around. I can't seem to do that when I want it to.

    Doesn't mean you can't make up your own story. It'll take a lot of years of planning and love, but you can do it if you put your heart and soul into it. That's why I admire Higurashi and CLANNAD because of how much it shows.
    Doesn't matter, gonna do it anyway. I have cookies 'n' cream ice cream, so it's gonna make it double fatty 8D.

    Oooh, acting. I never joined drama, and I wish I have. But I prefer drawing over writing a tiny bit.

    Always room for development.

    *heals because you probably still can*
    I don't caaaaaare. Anything for cookies and ice cream! Any cookies you recommend?

    Know, it just meant you understood writing before becoming a writer.

    It'll feel that way, but it may help you with your creativity. That's why I've been writing one-shots lately.
    Haauuuuu, I wanna try that! I'll do it after I have lunch!

    Well, what'd you expect once you became a writer? That you'll only focus on one story until it's finished? NOPE, once a writer, always a writer, and you will always, ALWAYS have plot-bunnies.
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