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  • .....

    Your point?(sorry...)

    Yeah I hear she does some bad things but her music is....cool. *coughcough* Kinda.


    At least my reasons were good, anyways?

    I'll try not to refference her soo much anymore.....
    Depend's. Is it violent/depressing?...I rather not read stuff like that D: Yeah i'm on a pokemon forum with nerds but oh well I GOT NERVE? XD;
    Oh okay XD Well we have Psychicbounded now.

    ...I just hope i didn't greet him too 'playfully' (i've been sassier lately).

    He seem's to catch the humor in it, soo far, though. He's an Earthbound fan too soo i asked him if he see's me as like Claus (Claus is a bit 'impish', anyways...). XD;
    It's above my celling? XD;

    Wanna join the forum in my signature? :3

    Yeah, Roxie is soo cool~^^
    Well, the sky is up if you count that any? :p Ha..hahahahahaha I have a sassy sense of humor I guess?~yeeeeaaa...*eye roll's*

    Your NOT welcome! lolol kidding kidding your very welcome dear~x)

    Thanks not? for accepting me!^^
    I only went to two movies for the 3D experience, Toy Story 3, and Tangled. With Toy Story, it was annoying, but it made the monkey scarier, meanwhile Tangled was pretty to look at in 3D. But the stupid glasses are annoying. It's so obvious it wasn't thought out well since a lot of us movie-goers wear glasses, so it was so annoying to keep it on my face both times. And it made my eyes hurt after a while anyway.

    And with the Disney re-releases, they were originally made without the thought of 3D because, uh, it was the freakin' 90s! Nobody cared about 3D back in the day! But nowadays, every-freaking-thing has to be 3D. It's stupid, and the fad should just die again.
    Lol XD.

    I like Disney. They haven't been the best that they have been, but I still like Disney. Though I'm freakin' pissed that they've been re-releasing movies in 3-freakin'-D.
    XD Not that it wouldn't hurt to have another person or two sigging it.

    I'm doing fine. Term is almost over before my (two-week) summer break, so I'm feeling myself relaxing here. Going to Disneyland next week.
    Um... Could you give an example? Because I've always written my scripts this way. Mainly because I find it easier to work with.
    This website should give you everything you need to know about script conventions. Granted, not all of it will be applicable to you since you're not actually gonna have this filmed, and I understand it would be a huge transition to write scripts this way. But I guess I kinda think it's at least worth knowing the way the pros do it.
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