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  • I'm afraid I'll have to drop out unfortunately. Its not that I want to, but I'm just not sure how busy the rps I'm currently in, as well as RL, will keep me. I really do like your rp idea, so it was a difficult decsion to make. I'm really sorry. :(
    I'm sorry - I forgot again after starting work on a character for my Digi-Fic. I'll have it up in the next couple hours.

    I thought Scary movie was supposed to be making fun of scary movies. xD

    I'll see what I can come up with

    Why are we using strikethroughs? xD
    It isn't, it's a joke because you asked whats up. xD Damn internet for jokes not being obvious. xD

    I think that's the point. xD

    The answer will be revealed in time. Or not, who knows. xD;
    Ehhh...may need you to cancel the reservation. I'm having some difficulty fleshing out my character, and I don't think I'll be able to do it before tomorrow. It takes me a long time to make a character feel "complete" to me.
    I'll have it up tonight ^^

    I'm just scoping the RP sub-forum, and writing up some Character Bio's for my Digimon Fan-Fic.

    exactly :p xD


    ._...I don't believe that. what with all the remixs and stuff.
    champion iris song, sinnoh gym and champion, hoenn champion, even if it's all for the world tournament, they're still there. xD
    oh bloody hell I'm so so sorry;; My notification thing said I didn't have any notifications so I didn't notice your messages until right now d,kghdfkv
    Report what to them exactly? .-...

    ..sure. XD

    thank you :3

    I am thoroughly convinced that B&W2 has the best soundtrack evermade.


    For noglistic reasons, and just in general...so many freaken tunes, my ears are gonna bleed. THEY'RE GONNA EFFIN BLEED GALLA-*killed*
    WHAT CHA GONNA DO ABOUT IT? COME AT ME BRO *teleports away* XD (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YkEDGD_sDs&feature=relmfu around 2:57 XDD).


    which fic?

    I don't mind doing reviews of stuff...but at the same time really do need full on free time to be able to read things....I get to bored otherwise and don't wanna finish. xD''

    I can look over it now if you want, but to read it you'd have to wait till I'm on the trip surprisingly, because then I'm stuick in a car for a long *** time...XD
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