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  • ..... I like that theme xD

    Pshhh, it's not being a traitor, it's just.. I've met new people, and they were really nice and supplied me in ways you guys couldn't- //stabbed lol kahekfhka okay I'll stop making it sound like a breakup

    Seriously though, ifff something catches my eye here and I like it I'll certainly think about it joining it to rp! >w< What's your rp about?
    GO GO GO.

    .... Just yesterday actually xD I haven't really rped with you guys in a while but I have different characters that I rp, mostly gijinkas //shrugs

    My mareep has been the main one to be rped at the moment though, I blame my friend //hit
    Pffttt good luck with that then. Though that would be kinda cool I gotta say~

    LOL I JUST.... I don't know, I feel like if I do I might get distracted and forget about it or something OTL; I've been doodling a lot too xD
    Yeah, I haven't really been on either :/

    Hah, well I'm not all that active, I only started trying to be more active recently because it's like oh! Gallade's talking to me, gotta remember to reply back |D; It's pretty wonderful to talk to you though! I miss talking to all you guys ;v;

    Mostly deviantart to be perfectly honest xD Chillin' out on msn and skype too.

    And-And I knowwwwww, I haven't really gotten to talk to people from mf lately because I don't really go on anymore and the people I had for like messenger never come on anymore edfhgvkdfkvf it's very sad D:
    I've been contemplating that~ *ever since I stalked your convo* xD

    But it seems all the legendaries are either taken or reserved already. D: At least, last time I checked anyway.
    Eating some fish and listening to some music. *and totally not stalking your convo with Yellow-kun* xD

    But other than that, quite bored. owo
    Linkity link~

    *starts humming the Batman theme* xP

    No idea. *shrugs* He just got up and left. Last time I remember seeing him on Serebii was back in November or October (or before that I honestly don't really remember orz) and on the FC was where he dropped in for a few minutes to post on the FC birthday thread.
    But Lunar-chan already has an account here. xD

    Gotta agree there. FF was always so lonely for me, considering you couldn't really talk to anyone outside the forums, which I never really went to either.

    Yay, you're joining Divine! :D Now all we need is to get Lunar-chan to join, dragconvince Shay to come over here, and find Rawld from wherever he disappeared too and we'll have nearly the whole Ice Steps troupe! :DD (or at least the main core group)
    Well, she is here. Lunar too. xD

    Iknorite? xD

    I still check the FC from time to time, but I'm not active.

    I see you've joined Divine.
    Well, to be fair there is only one person from the FC who both enjoys PMD RPGs and has Gallade in their username. xD

    Dead is an understatement imo. Heh, that's more than I'm doing. I don't think I've been on the FC for a month (until today).

    I'm glad you did. :p There's tons of awesome stuff to do here. There are tons of RPGs (I recommend Divine, 'cause that is one that doesn't seem like it'll die anytime soon, unlike others) and tons of fun games that you could join.

    asdhjf I haven't seen you in so long! D:

    So, what's made you decide to journey over to this board? xD
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