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  • Hmm..."universe III", uni challenge, elimination. XD

    Altaria have pretty short beaks. XD It's no Fearow or Zapdos. XD Yeah, Lovina is naturally bad-tempered and foul-mouthed, just like any Sicilian Hydreigon. XD She also has a very...particular taste in food. She only likes red-colored food (I guess red is her favorite color) and hates cheese or cheese-flavored anything, among others. XD Felicja on the other hand is kinda dense about many things without much common sense but is also very clever especially when she needs to be. A strange paradox, considering she's both a thief and based on Eastern European jokes. Felicja's favorite color is also red, strangely. XD Since black is technically not a color...Ilia's is easily purple, so my new character cannot like purple. I still haven't thought of surnames for them though. XD Still debating on which crazy character to use though. XD

    Tell me about both. XD I wanna hear. ^_^
    Hmm...Wormow, "forum challenge", "point meter". XD

    Heh, how can Toran be a Samurai when she's an Altaria then? XD Altaria don't have hands. XD I can't help but make a character built upon a group of jokes. XD My other possible character is a Hydreigon named Lovina. XD

    Tell me your ideas. XD I think they'll be good ones. XD
    I want to know too, honestly. XD Maybe he used the word "universe season 3" and searched under "discussions" on Google? XD

    Well, how does a Ditto who couldn't morph hold cooking utensils? XD It's the Pokemon world, anything is possible. XD Felicja is an auto thief...and a thief in general because I based her on a very specific group of jokes, hence the almost strange spelling of her first name. XD I have another option for a character though, a pretty...hideous one. XD
    Heh, that way, you don't jinx anyone. XD

    Maybe we will find out soon. One of us found them, but s/he is under strict instructions not to say anything. XD

    A car thief Houndoom named Felicja. XD Drives a red Ferrari. XD Yeah, unlike Ilia, she is not American. XD
    I mean, make Ella sing another song. XD My headcanon tells me that she has the power of incredible luck, so...the luck stays on our side. XD

    Man, if only we can find out about them. XD

    BTW...if in case there's that makeover challenge, what would your new character's species and name be? I hope there isn't any, honestly. XD
    Nah, not all Garbodor are dirty IMO. XD Let's just say that it's part of her being sheltered. XD

    C'mon, sing! XD I think...that's plausible. A simple google search could uncover us immediately. >.< Let's hope they keep screwing up so that they boot themselves out. XD
    Well, you wouldn't expect a duchess to cook. XD It's perfectly normal and cute that the girl in love with her is a chef in contrast. XD

    Maybe singing cursed them? XD Sing more! XD
    Man, you actually threw a cartoon song in PU...that's it. It's Ella's cartoon theme now. XD We can extend to non-Disney cartoons. XD Should Ilia join in? She should have a pretty nice voice, but not the ingenue type...more sultry and sexy. XD Everyone should definitely have their cartoon themes. XD
    It's a more chaotic version of the novel "The Selection", with craziness and an unknown price instead of marriage to a prince. XD Man, I think I'm going to have to write a crackfic on this. XD Since I have no writing skillz, crackfics are the only fics I can write. XD

    Heh, I can tell you that there's no milking song at all. XD I wonder who gets "Friends on the Other Side"? Jedah? It's the song from Princess and the Frog during the ritual that turned the prince into a frog. XD "I See the Light" is from Tangled (though in terms of Disney characters...Ella seems more the Esmeralda to Roget's Frollo). I still can't decide if Ilia's song should be that one song from Hercules or a villain song? XD
    I would really wanna see that actually. XD Too bad I'm no good at drawing. XD I love the Castle AU...it's like one big dysfunctional household fighting for...a mystery. XD

    With Ilia...anything is possible. XD I have rather strange taste myself, heh. XD

    Yeah. I actually used it in my video and I realized that it's soo Roget. XD Evil and all. XD Ella's would probably be "I See the Light". XD Let's assign strange ones to everyone. XD
    Man, that would be hilarious. XD Especially if Ella had particularly sharp teeth as a child. The drawing would end up with Clover having one bleeding nipp and a pained expression while Ella happily sucks. XD

    Heh, Garbodors can be cool too. XD They're not...Pachirisus or anything. XD Besides...Ilia herself finds Ella attractive. XD

    I dunno why, but ever since this Disney-style Palace Competition AU came to my head, I couldn't help but start thinking of a Disney song for each character. XD Man...Ilia's, Roget's and even Ella's would be pretty easy to pick. XD I mean, Roget's is obviously "Hellfire". XD
    Wet nurse is a woman other than the mother who breastfeeds a child. XD Perfect in my opinion. XD

    Me too...unless by some bizarre twist, he mixed the numbers up. >.< I can tell...Ella is very well-thought. Even I worked on Ilia to be the romantic jerk cook she is. XD
    Heh, and the whipping-girl died due to Roget's and Ilia's antics. XD Clover is...Ella's nurse (formerly wet-nurse?). Gingersnap is...the cleaner. Those tails make good dusters. XD

    Man...we're almost dead meat. >.< Hopefully, we make it through. Ilia was just talking about roasting Forum 1's top scorer or making a meal out of their parts when they get knocked out of the game. XD She's already secretly in love with Ella...I will start showing it later on. She refuses to admit it though, because...yeah, others may judge her for being bi. XD
    Yeah...unless of course the ones who get eliminated get kicked out of the castle? XD Toran is the boss among the knights. Petra is the whipping-girl. XD When anyone misbehaves, Petra gets whipped. XD

    Man...don't worry, at least you're safe from dat vote. >.<
    Both of that. XD One of those bratty young noblemen who marries a much older woman for relations. I watched that in The Borgias, when this really young prepubescent guy marries this 30something year old woman. XD Adelaide is...Kevin's countess mom, considering my headcanon says that he's young and thus needs parental accompaniment...which is why she plays the game. XD Nurrin...is he Ilia's creation? XD Or something else...the castle ghost? XD
    Well...now's the time to show you the videos that got me into them. XD KolKolKol (Russia's death threat) and Marry Me. XD


    Lucas is Selena's much younger fiance? XD Lulu is...yeah. XD She's difficult. XD Since canon!Ilia is supposed to be wealthy, in this story she's either the bastard eldest daughter (Which is why she hates Selena but dotes on Ella.) of the king or an ex-pirate (Ship's cook, definitely.) who was taken hostage. XD You choose. XD Will probably wants to get into Selena's pants too. XD K.K is someone the vizier brought in to win the game for him...XD
    In Hetalia terms, Ilia is either Russia or Hungary or Belarus perhaps (I am definitely not sure about which one). XD Of course Ella is Italy. XD

    Unfortunately for me, there's no Movie Maker for Mac, so bad luck for me. XD I had to do what I can...I hope he understands that. XD Y'know that Raiden's an epic 14-year-old who's more intelligent and clever than my 21-year-old self. XD I think Hundreds' was supposed to be...I don't know either. XD

    Now I think I know how the story takes shape. XD The contest is within castle walls and held by the king. The contestants are all part of the household, whether relatives, servants or even the jester. XD Princess Ella is the younger daughter and Princess Selena is the older daughter. XD Jedah is the court magician, Toran is the general, Roget is the evil vizier, Will is his jealous son. XD Ilia is the cook with a pretty complicated past, Mercury is the court fool. XD
    Yes you did. XD Both motherly and seductive is correct. XD That's what she shows Ella though...to everyone else, it's different. XD

    My video situation was a really difficult, convoluted one because One True Media only allows sharing of videos that run for 30 seconds or less. Mine was 1 minute and 10 seconds, so I chose to give Wormow my login details to access my video because I had no other option that could give me a decent-looking video on Mac that wouldn't cause anything to happen to it. >.< Stupid Mac...>.<
    Well for one thing, the manga is getting an English release at the end of the month, and the anime will have an English dub released at the end of the year completely uncensored. Yes. Un. Censored.

    XD Wow. But that sucks, how else are you going to get yourself a copy of anything without Interweb shopping?
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