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  • Been a while since we last talked. Hope you are doing well. Want to visit each other's islands in AC?
    Wow hi! I'm sorry to say I actually forgot about you for awhile. I remembered you because I was listening to A Duo (A song from An American Tail) and Team Pokepals just appeared in my head. At first I wondered why such a random pair was at the forefront of my mind when I listened to the song and then I was like "OMG! That fanfic!!!!" Anyway just thought I'd say hi.
    *goes to reread said fanfic(s)*
    Hehe, always good to hear from someone who remembers me! Sorry that the fic's never continued, I'd like to revisit/rewrite the trilogy sometime but it probably won't be for a good long while if it does happen. But thanks for reading, and rereading! Hope you enjoy it!
    Yeah, Nintendo has been on a roll lately and it seems likely that the momentum will continue into 2018 and beyond. Thinking they'll have AC Switch next year and maybe even Pokemon. Both in 2018 would be BIG.
    Sorry for the late reply. I don't really come on here that much and that's fine. I was starting to get sick of a lot of people here (not you though!).

    Everything has been good. How about you?
    Yeah, and they kicked butt! It was really epic too, though it sucks that we have a two week break. Hoping XY can exceed BW in terms of episode count, but it looks like it will likely be one episode short or tied.
    Those sound like good options. You're right that it would make Clemont look bad, which is why I am now thinking they probably won't have Megas if they return.
    That's true. Hopefully they don't ditch Ash for someone new. By the way, it looks like Steven Stone will appear in the Flare arc, which is exciting. Also wouldn't surprise me to see the Kalos gym leaders, since they briefly appeared in today's episode.
    Hopefully the TF arc makes up for it. I do wonder what is planned after TF. Hopefully not just boring fillers.

    I have already seen them, and it does look like it is real!
    I certainly liked the first episode, but I thought the second episode's animation wasn't too great, considering how it was the conclusion of the finals.

    I just hope the starter evolutions are good.
    I was really hoping he'd win!

    I've been good, How about you? There has been a lot of exciting SM news, though I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of some of these new Pokémon.
    Yes, they all went well. I hope your finals went well too!

    Turns out she died from cancer a few years ago, which is very sad to hear!
    Yeah, me too. Tomorrow is my last final.

    Hopefully it is worth it! We have basically no info about the games.
    Hey, Gallade! It has been a while! I've been doing well. How about you?

    Are you excited for the Sun & Moon info tomorrow? We're definitely getting a trailer of some sort because Masuda did say to keep an eye on the Pokémon YouTube channel!
    No need to apologize. I'm no better lol. I loved Paul as Ash's rival! His methods were brutal but I could understand after hearing his backstory. And yes I actually re watched the episodes with Ash and Paul and Paul did make good points about Ash doing similar things as he was doing. Noibat has been making progress! Finally learned a new move! I think it may evolve in the episode that comes out March 3rd. Greninja is super powerful. I can't wait to see it battle against Alains charizard. It was kicking sceptiles ***** in the preview. Phantump is the only kalos grass type I see him getting because I doubt he'd get pumpkaboo and highly doubt he'd get that grass legendary. And as for Sceptile I could see that happening
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