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  • Yeah, they really aren't too common. Oh I see those ones ALL the time xDDD I love gecko/lizards. I don't like it when they bite though :s

    X333 Aren't they? I was in heaven. It was amazing how they would move through trees O.O They were like ninjas......but BETTER than ninjas. It's like the "flew" into trees and they were so quiet while doing so. Also I was amazed that their fingernails were a lot like human nails (being on top of the finger opposed to in it like a dogs or a cat's) though they were much sharper.
    X333 Geckos are awesome. I used to have one, but we had to give her away when we moved to Florida :( (it would have been too hard to try and take her with us). XDD Really? That's awesome. Well actually the geckos I'm talking about are different, they look pale and pink. The ones that lose their tails are called Anoles, and yes, I have seen them lose their tails xD When I was younger I'd just go and catch anoles all day.

    Ooh oh! Look at this, I volunteered at a Lemur sanctuary X3 (I've been showing these pics to EVERYONE xD)

    xDD Yeah my friends were afraid of butterflies. I love them :3 xDD That sounds so funny! It was such a friendly butterfly X33 I'd love for a butterfly to land on me :3 I saw a gecko at school today x3
    Well apparently it was something with my signature, which was pretty weird because none of the mods mentioned anything to me about it.
    That sucks. If the ref doesn't come back, you can just repost the match in the ref queue; that's what I did with one of my matches and it should be restarting soon.
    Yeah I agree. I wouldn't want them all over me either Dx I love looking at bugs. Just not touch them. I used to catch bugs with my hands all the time though when I was younger (I loved every animal.) ^^; That would be kind of scary haha. It's ok, I have friends who are afraid of butterflies o_O;
    I don't like ants either Dx spiders are....ok. I like tarantulas :3 and the spiders that don't bite xDD I like grasshoppers x3 they don't hurt you!
    Well bugs are alright, but I don't like mosquitos D= they bite xD Yeah it is nice, plus the food tastes better too outside X3
    Well that's good that they think that. Sometimes I think I'm going crazy xDD Maybe some people just don't shiver as much? =o o_O That's crazy! I don't even eat outside...because my stuff will blow away..and bugs are all over the place XD; but I would never do that Dx
    Okay, that's fine. So you have 2 almost done and one you just started I guess? I have 3 slots open, so I'm going to request another match because in that other match I told you about the ref hasn't posted since, like, September.
    Yeah I do Dx that was like my high school last year, one of my classes was normal, the next one was FREEZING (people would even bring blankets xD) and the other one was warm. I'd have to bring a jacket/hoodie everyday just so I wouldn't be cold ^^; Now at college most of my classes are cold I hate it when people complain how it's warm in classes when it's cold... xD
    XDD That always happens, though yesterday in my Bio class I was NORMAL...my friend thought I was sick because I'm normally freezing and shivering...well until the second half of the class then I put my hoodie on XDD Well it's good to know that at least you do XDD You understand ;_; XD
    I did have a drafting class in High School...it's funny, taking that class ruined my dreams of becoming an architect, but from that lost I learned that I simply enjoyed playing video games...even now I still do. 18 and I still love Pokemon
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