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  • I just beat Destiny Tower! Now the game is 100% complete. In-game, my play time is 103 hours and 30 minutes (and 20 seconds), but the Activity Log lists it as 110 hours and 56 minutes, obviously taking into account times I did Resume from Save Data.
    Yeah and the developers have said it would take like 300 hours to 100% complete that game.

    By the way, I have just finished the Treasure Collection in SMD today and now only need to finish Destiny Tower and connect with Arceus in order to 100% complete the game! Will be attempting that tomorrow. I've got over 100 hours on it.
    Thanks! That's a decent amount of stuff you've been playing. I've also got things to do in games like Just Cause 3 & Batman: Arkham Knight, not to mention Paper Jam releasing later this month, Fire Emblem and Pokémon RBY in February, TP HD a week after that and Star Fox in April (plus Pokkén in Spring, probably May). I'll be pretty occupied during the first half of this year.
    Now I only need to get 1 more treasure and beat Arceus' dungeon in order to 100% complete the game!
    How far are you? I just recruited Zygarde by the way. His dungeon is very difficult! No more missions left, but it does say where some traveling Pokémon are located (which is what happens when you have no missions left). Only 19 left!

    You probably shouldn't be surprised at the progress I've made!
    Agreed! Still, SMD is certainly a great game. I've put in over 80 hours already, which is the most of any game I got in 2015 that was actually released in 2015, narrowly beating Splatoon's 75 hours. After I recruit Zygarde, I will only have 19 Pokémon left and I'm pretty sure it is just Arceus and traveling Pokémon. How about you?
    Personally I still liked Explorers a bit more too, but SMD is definitely better than Gates by a long shot. Admittedly haven't played Rescue in a while (really hoping it gets a Wii U VC release soon, which seems likely). The new twists were interesting and I liked the other changes made to the game too, though leveling up is much more difficult and enemies seem to take too many hits. My brother just got the game yesterday for Hanukkah. He is up to Nectar Meadow and has a pair of Charmander & Treecko.
    I see you got Super Mystery Dungeon! What are your thoughts on it so far?

    I am up to Chapter 8 and have played for almost 7 hours. I thought I was playing through it quickly, but I see you are already on Chapter 11! So far, I really like this game. Too early to say if I like it more than Explorers or Red/Blue.
    I definitely understand and agree with what you're saying. I totally love Paul as Ash's rival because it's his first rival to act like that. I loved every episode that involved paul. I really hope to see him again! And X&Y is definitely being shaped up. Noibat is slowly getting shaped up. I can't wait to see when frogadier evolves. I still wonder what Ash's sixth Pokemon will be. I thought it would be mega sceptile but since we see sawyer's mega sceptile idk anymore.
    I definitely agree with that. I don't know why i still love sinnoh the best but I do. For me personally I think X&Y just might be my favorite if more excitement continues happening.
    I always knew I'd use Froakie and for my partner, I was deciding between Charmander, Chimchar & Riolu. Would be nice to have a Fire type, but I also want someone who can go Mega, so I guess that rules out Chimchar. Will use him in Sky if we ever get Sky on Wii U VC (we might be getting Blue Rescue Team in the future!!!!!). I already used Charmander in Y and I always liked Mega Lucario, so that's why I was thinking of Riolu. I suppose I could also pick Torchic. Now that I think about it, I might pick Torchic instead. I do kind of regret not picking Torchic in Omega Ruby.

    Yeah, easily! Not like there was stiff competition since the Sinnoh League though. Ash VS Clay, Skyla and a majority of the Kalos gym leaders were great though. As are the Mega Evo Act fights. One thing that's really made these fights in XY amazing is that they got rid of those speed lines that used to appear most times a trainer called out a move or when a Pokémon attacked. Another key to having a great fight is having Masaaki Iwane animate them (he animated the fight against Olympia, for example). By the way, the new opening looks amazing! I still hope Ash's Charizard returns and mega evolves though.
    I'm doing great too! It's really been a lot of years! I wondered if you'd remember me lol.
    What do you think of ash's progress in kalos?
    Me too! I guess that means I've done a good job at avoiding spoilers. Thinking about making my hero/partner Froakie & Riolu.

    By the way, what did you think of Ash VS Olympia? I thought it was epic! Definitely the best fight in XY!
    Cool! I preordered it and the demo was pretty fun. I assume you'll get Super Mystery Dungeon when it releases!
    There was demo codes released for Zelda: Tri Force Heroes via e-mail, basically just like how they sent out demo codes for Smash 3DS & ORAS last year.
    The threads just got closed while the new info pages got translated to prevent misinformation from spreading. It's how things have been done for a while.
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