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  • 1. http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?641691-Is-Ash-really-that-bad/page14 Second post down is a brief list of explanations about Pikachu's power level that I have said the past several years (probably more times than that too). Sceptile is definite tier-1 after tanking Darkrai's Ice Beam + DV/DE combo and KO'ing Darkrai. Darkrai had two DV/DE combos to heal up some of the damage and exertion from the previous fights. Snorlax hasn't killed any legendaries yet, but he's always taking down a few before going down that it's hard not to put him in tier-1. Infernape's consistency (starring in half the gyms as Chimchar and performance against Paul) and power + Blaze earns its place alongside those others.

    2. Gliscor was also tired and took damage from battling Ninjask and against the Toxic Spikes. In fact, he looked visibly worse than Drapion. Kingler is hard to judge because he needed more battles. I don't rank Muk high because it doesn't seem like he has much offense (which is bad for Ash), but not sure if his defense is all that high either. Maybe tier-5 is too harsh, but honestly don't think he's any higher than the tier-4s. Totodile is a tier-6; enjoys dancing more than battling, and Gible is clearly what Totodile should have been.

    3. That's exactly why I rank him in tier-3 alongside Corphish and Buizel. He never was on the same level as the other three, but still not bad.


    Hard to explain, but I subscribe to the belif every Pokemon has a 'power range,' with a power minimum and power maximum and a general median. Some Pokemon, like Pikachu, have humongous ranges. Others, like Charizard, have narrow ranges. Some have ranges beneath the ranges of others (Totodile's power range is below that of Charizard's, ergo his maximum is still below Charizard's minimum). Usually, a Pokemon performs at the median level, but on occasion, like when Torkoal battled Registeel, it performed beyond its normal capabilities.
    Tier 1:
    Charizard / Pikachu / Sceptile / Infernape / Snorlax

    Tier 2:
    Bulbasaur/ Glalie/ Swellow/ Gliscor/ Krookodile/ Heracross/ Kingler

    Tier 3:
    Gible / Torterra / Quilava / Buizel / Corphish / Squirtle / Staraptor

    Tier 4:
    Noctowl / Tauros / Pignite / Donphan / Leavanny / Bayleef / Palpitoad / Torkoal*

    Tier 5:
    Muk / Snivy / Boldore / Unfezant

    Tier 6:
    Oshawott / Scraggy / Totodile

    Not Included: Butterfree, Pidgeot, Lapras, Kalos Pokemon

    * Torkoal would be in tier 5 if not for the Registeel battle
    Hmm, I'll post my known version in a separate post.

    Obviously as you said, it's subjective and you said yours varies from time to time, but a couple of comments:

    1. Why are Pikachu and Charizard in a separate tier, especially compared to Sceptile and Infernape?
    2. There's no way Gliscor is in the same tier as Torterra and Staraptor, especially after the former defeated a Drapion who mopped the floor out of Torterra, Buizel, and Staraptor. Glalie's powerhouse antics in the Hoenn League also push him higher too. Kingler as well for sweeping a league favorite in his first battle, and that crazy Crabhammer he did in the Whirl Cup, but perhaps lack of data prevents him from going higher (so that's understandable).
    3. Tier 4 is okay, but I think some could be in tier 3 (especially Gible). Squirtle is pretty high up to be in tier 2.
    At least I'm not the one keyed up to watch a kid's show! ~Uncle Ford

    Best line in the whole season. They totally called us out.
    I actually legit thought the show was cancelled until it came back on. Them hiatuses are long, eh?
    Awesome! I imagine Greninja might not be so rare, at least not as much as the others. Greninja had plenty of stock on day 1 (at least at the TRU near me).
    That's a lot! Be sure to frequently check the amiibo subreddit as well as Amiibo News on twitter. Both of those greatly helped me. I probably wouldn't have gotten Robin & Marth without them.
    I got my Robin amiibo and my brother got his Marth amiibo from Play-Asia a few days ago! Now we are done with amiibo hunting. Have you had any luck with the ones you want?
    I don't blame you. My playtime in Omega Ruby is less than Y. If there was a new main game this year, it would probably have less playtime than Omega Ruby (which will reach 200 hours by the end of the year).
    There does seem to be a lot of tutorial stuff in M&L games.

    I had you beat less than a month after those games came out! You even like KIU more than MK8?
    Bowser's Inside Story & Dream Team are both great! Hopefully you'll have some of those games beaten by the time Paper Jam releases.

    I have 271 hours in ACNL, almost 230 on Y, almost 200 in OR, 100 in FEA, 80 in MK7 and over 60 in KIU. I wish I had played KIU more.
    Jeez, that's a lot! I've mainly been using my Wii U this year, specifically I've been playing Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (which I've had since April 2014). I also got Partners in Time today and started it, but wont continue until I beat Superstar Saga. I've also been playing Splatoon in order to unlock and upgrade all the clothes. Feels like there's a never ending amount of clothes and we'll be getting more in August. And of course I've played some MK & SSB too. Currently have over 75 hours on my Wii U this month. Third highest ever, February (or maybe March?) with over 86 hours and December 2014 with over 106 hours.

    Meanwhile I don't even think I've hit 150 hours on my 3DS yet. That'll change when I get S.T.E.A.M. and when Tri Force Heroes & Super Mystery Dungeon come out. I also got a PS4 in March, which I haven't played much of in recent weeks, but did play a lot of in March & April!

    Did you get Xenoblade Chronicles 3D at launch?
    I have it on the Wii, but I haven't played much of it. Despite that, I love the medley in Smash!
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