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  • That's true! I have thought about getting 64 3D, but I'm shocked that it is still full price.
    Hopefully you wont be too hurt out with Star Fox by the time Zero comes out before chances are Zero will be out only about 2 months after your birthday.
    That's true. You could get 64 3D on Club Nintendo if you have 700 coins though. You could get it for $28 on the eShop from the E3 deal (however that ends in like 2 hours).
    Well, the series is amazing after all! We haven't had a great Metroid game since Prime 3 in 2007.
    Well at least it's cheap and you probably have a lot of time until Prime 4. Tanabe (Prime's Producer) said the next Prime game would probably be on NX at this point.

    Awesome! When you get it, be sure to let me know so we can share each other's levels.
    Yes, the trilogy is amazing! You need to get it!! I got the trilogy when it first came out and it's why I'm in love with the Metroid series!

    Are you getting Super Mario Maker on release?
    I just really wanted Prime 4 because I thought it was finally time. Next year is Metroid's 30th anniversary.

    At least Super Mario Maker will be released soon.
    Yeah and I always imagined a Wolf amiibo unlocking a new DLC path in Star Fox Zero, where you play as Wolf. Snake would probably be difficult to come back. Hopefully the ICs issues could be fixed with more time.

    Still, that Metroid title was basically insulting, though it has been revealed that if Prime 4 does happen (which it might), it will probably be on NX). The M&L & PM crossover was a nice surprise. I just wish it was on Wii U.
    I hope at least Wolf returns. If more development time allows ICs to return, I'd love to see them as well. After that, I feel like we'll only get the ballot character, though I have been terrible at predicting DLC, in a good way. Before Mewtwo was announced, I figured we'd have no DLC. After he was announced, I thought he'd be the only one. When Lucas & the ballot were announced, I thought we'd only get Wolf after that. Now I'm thinking just Wolf and the ballot. At the very least, Wolf has got to be back.

    By the way, Nintendo's Digital Event was kind of underwhelming, especially compared to the last two years. Having no Smash news on Tuesday really sucked.
    Hopefully you enjoy it!

    By the way, did you hear about the Roy & Ryu leak? This is crazy! I hope Wolf will be announced later this year.
    Yeah, it's really great. Can't use it to recruit members until you get Chimecho's assembly though.

    You'll level up to quickly and be at Level 20 be due you know it especially with ranked battles! How far are you in the single player?
    Yeah, you can make any mission you want on it, which is useful if you want certain Pokémon your team. There's one for Time & Darkness and a separate one called Wonder Mail Generator S for Sky.

    By the way, I see you got Splatoon! What do you think of it?
    That's awesome! I might replay Blue Rescue Team after Time. Planning to have a hero/partner combo there as Totodile & Torchic.

    Don't gor get about the Wonder Mail Generator.
    I bet you're super excited about the new Mystery Dungeon game! I know I am! I've even been replaying Time now (hero Piplup and partner Charmander). I would play Sky, but I lost it a few years ago. Rather, my brother had to do something in it and I couldn't find it after I let him borrow it (he still has his copy). Since DS games have come to Wii U VC and there has even been Pokémon spin-off games on VC, I'm hopeful we'll get Sky on Wii U VC!

    Who do you think will be your hero/partner in Super Mystery Dungeon? For me, Froakie will definitely be the hero. As for the partner, probably Chimchar or Riolu.
    I wish I had told you and JD about it yesterday. Sorry! Be sure to check the amiibo reddit site. I'll also keep an eye out for you. What j did was preorder them so maybe when they launch you can still order some on the site.
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