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  • I beat the main game and delta episode. Team is in the mid-80's.

    Cool! I've been working on the challenges and stuff.
    You should if you ever get the chance to. Requires a 2GB SD card, but it's easy to set up.

    On the topic of ORAS, Brendan/May actually evolved their starter fully. Thank Arceus.
    I don't remember where I was back then. Right now I'm almost at Fortree though. Team is Marshtomp, Metang, Nuzleaf, Manectric, Camerupt & Trapinch. I hate the gym leaders levels though.

    I've been balancing both!
    Smash Wii U and ORAS are out and I finally have a new GameCube controller. xD

    ORAS is great so far, and Smash is okay. Guess I'm just used to Project M.
    That was a nice little battle we had. Maybe you should have used your full team! I still would have won! :)

    Btw did you get Smash Wii U? I did!
    Fishing in TP was pretty dumb though. Especially how it could ruin the final part of the Ganon fight...

    ONE MORE DAY! (well 9 hours I guess)
    When I first played Skyward Sword, I thought it was bad and still do, lolol. TP was much better, despite both suffering from an over done introduction. I never can understand why the introductions have to be so long...
    What's interesting is that MM3D was started not long after OoT3D was completed. It's taking longer to remake MM than it took for the original to be completed lol.

    Didn't mean to turn this into a Zeda discussion, haha. I found it to be the weakest of the 3D Zelda's and it really felt like a step backwards.
    I'll be getting it when it comes out. Only 2 more days! Also, Hyrule Warriors DLC comes out this month!
    Can't really say I'm shocked about MM3D being announced; I knew we would get it soon. I thought they would announce at next year's E3. Seems like we're getting it before it E3 all together.

    A Zelda remake and new title in one year, just like 2011. hopefully Zelda U doesn't suck like SS did
    I guess we will have to wait and see. MM3D is exciting! Also, the MK8 DLC is exciting!
    I dunno, the more I play Smash 3DS the more I dislike it. I'm sure the Wii U version will be at least 100x better. GameCube controller goes so well with Smash.

    Ahhhh, you're already in college! Time goes by quickly.
    Yeah, I'm not too good as him anymore either. That's OK! The guy finally replied to me and said that he doesn't have access to Photoshop anymore. Hopefully I can find someone.

    Well, Mewtwo wasn't finished in time, much like the Miiverse stage. It's a lot of work to do even one character and Mewtwo is a veteran too! They've already done a lot of work and Sakura (and his team) need a break. I'd much rather see characters like Dixie Kong, King K. Rool & Isaac saved for the next game, as well as cut vets like Ice Climbers, Lucas & Wolf. Hell, if they made Young Link have his MM masks as a transformation (essentially making him Young OoT Link & MM Link in one), with Fierce Deity Link as a FS, I'd even love to see him return. With that, the only vets I can't see in future Smash games are Roy (which is unfortunate, but FE already has 4 reps and will likely get a 5th from the next FE game, unless Roy returns in a future FE game with a prominent role), Snake & Pichu.

    Lucas & Wolf's special moves were used for Ness & Fox's customs respectively, so it makes no sense for them to return in SSB4 and since Sakurai wants the roster the same in both versions, I can't see ICs returning until the next game.
    Link got a major upgrade from Brawl, he's a good bit faster and his range is better. And the clawshot actually works now. He's still not that great, but he's always been one of my mains, so I can use him pretty well. Ike's the same, maybe even a bit stronger, but he requires picture-perfect timing to use. And yeah... Charizard doesn't have much delay on his moves, and he hits almost as hard as Ike does, but he's really bad in the air. Not as bad as Little Mac, but close, which is weird since he has both vertical and horizontal recovery and multiple jumps.
    I hear you, but I find that even on aerial stages, he can still hold his own. He's just so dominating in a ground fight. I've gotten some good use out of Greninja, but Link, Zelda, Ike, and the custom Swordfighter Mii are my mains. The Mii in particular is great; so much horizontal recovery. Charizard is also pretty cool, but his recovery is pretty average despite his multiple jumps.
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