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  • Wow, cool! My main is Greninja. Used to be him and Robin, which is my banner has both of them. Trying to get in touch with the perdon who made this (person from smashboards), but they haven't replied to my messages. Do you know anyone who might be able to fix it?

    Honestly I doubt there will be more DLC characters.
    I keep forgetting I'm three years older than you, lol. It really doesn't seem like it.

    I hear you leik Little Mac? Because I'm having a lot of fun with him. Most of my favorites are a good bit weaker, though.
    Same here it is really satisfying to get Giga Mac though!

    Yeah I'm thinking it'll be Mega Mewtwo Y as well since we already have Mega Charizard X.
    Not bad. Just been watching anime and playing video games.

    Not a huge fan of Smash 3DS, but I'm excited for Smash Wii U with its better controls. Oh yeah, and I'm in my last year of high school.
    Yeah I hear you, don't even get me started on trying to get the Smash Ball sometimes haha.
    Some of his attacks are pretty good, like the smashes and the u air!

    Did you hear about the Smash Wii U Direct?
    Not too bad. Got Smash 3DS, love having it on a handheld. Other than that, just college, college, college. You?

    Also, Pikachu with difficulty 9 is a spammy little bastard :/
    Yeah my friend uses Little Mac he's very powerful but if you get him in the air he's in trouble :p
    It's pretty great so far!

    I really like Greninja, who is my main. Robin is also great too! I don't really like using any of the other newcomers, but Rosalina did help me beat 2 challenges- Beat 200 enemies on Endless and get 110 KOs in 3 minute smash.
    They released Epona, new Legend Mode stuff featuring Cia, Volga & Wizzro, a new Adventure Mode map and new costumes for Cia & Lana. There's even more DLC coming in the upcoming months too.

    I'm loving Smash & HW too!
    Oh wow nice! I've heard that Hyrule Warriors is really good hopefully I can get it soon.

    So far my favorite Smash Newcomers are Lucina, Shulk, and Duck Hunt. My mains are Lucario, Fox, and Lucina I'm trying to get better with the other two and Jigglypuff as well!
    Wow, that's awesome! I can't wait for Smash! Also if you have $20 in eShop credit, be sure to get the Hero of Hyrule Pack for Hyrule Warriors. It will give you access to the recently announced DLC when they are released.
    Oh man that's awesome! I wish I could get both of them I'll wait for the Holiday season for Hyrule Warriors I guess!

    Yeah I moved in August 30th, things have been busy but I'm going home for the weekend this week.
    Long time no talk! Are you ready for Smash Bros on Friday?

    Also how are you doing?
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