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Recent content by Galluo

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    Potential VGC team. (work in progress)

    Rayquaza sounds good, but be careful of all the ice beams that will be there. Stealth rock is useless, when there is only 4 pokemon in a battle, so replace it w/something more useful, roar may even work better for stat boosting enemies.
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    VGC team

    Perhaps this question is noobish, but what does "dos" stand for? Scarf gyrados? Zapdos? Well, is I get rid of ninjask, who's going to take care of mewtwo, latios, latias, and all the other pokmeon that are hit hard by bug? I like having an assured backup against them. I've actually been...
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    VGC team

    Hmm, so should I add a slow pokemon into the team, or taunt? Fake out can't hit through protect, although it does get kinda annoying if they switch and then come back, right after I protect. That takes a lot of prediction, but on PBR today I met this guy who was perfect at it. I replaced...
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    Dual-types you want to see

    Ghost/Steel. (Solid or not?)
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    VGC team

    Alright, I recently started making this team so, I made a few edits. By the way, there is item clause. ;242; What do you mean by more defense? It's max defense, unless you mean sp.def? I am considering getting rid of counter for icy wind, but I like toxic stall, because in my tests I have...
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    VGC team

    Hmm, maybe I should have a taunt user?Who looks like they could be a good taunt user? And shedninja will get toxic from blissey unless Focus sash protects against poison too.
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    VGC team

    This is a rain team that I may be using for the VGC this year. Wondering who can use taunt. ;291;Ninjask@Focus Sash Speed Boost Lonely (+Atk -Def) 6 hp/252 atk/252 spd -Protect -Baton pass -Swords Dance -X scissor Since its only 4 vs 4 I don't see any suicide leads, so all I can see leading...
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    Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Help Thread [UBER EDITION] [READ THE FIRST POST]

    To get tm64 (explosion) do you have to get to the 10th round or get past it? I got to the 10th round (the moon said 10) and stopped there. (The clefairy went back in, I didn't press start) and when I went to the counter she just asked if I wanted coins...
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    Egg move problem Is it possible to get a gardevoir with destiny bond and will-o-wisp on the same set(they're both egg moves, but each only come with one parent)? Since: Gastly can learn destiny bond and pass it as an egg move but not will-o-wisp Duskull is vice versa. However gastly...
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    I'm going to be busy now that school has started again. See you uys on the weekends! (hopefully lol)

    I'm going to be busy now that school has started again. See you uys on the weekends! (hopefully lol)
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    awww man, I was hoping to battle you sometime!

    awww man, I was hoping to battle you sometime!
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    PBR recording

    Sorry, I was sleeping when you said you could. Do you have time right now? By the way I am U.S. east. Its 2:55 here now. Just incase you want to check. Don't worry my teams not that great either.
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    Connection to HG/SS

    I hope so. That would be pretty cool. But I don't see why an update would be neccesary though...
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    PBR recording

    OU battle? Sure anytime. Give your time and rules though. (record?) Why? To put it on youtube or something?
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    Anyone want to battle?

    Um sure... But does anyone still actually want to battle?