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  • nah it wasn't u who rng'ed em for me, i had them in my boxes for about a month n checked them yesterday n where it said IV spread said hacked
    nah no hard feelings at all man :), I am almost certain it was flawless but I can always do a recheck it's cool either way ^_^, n yah I think the vulpix was hp dragon for sure, since u have done the bagon I will take him and these 9 pokes for sure since most of these were the hacks
    Clamperl Male Timid best spread for HP Grass Ability Shell Armor
    Torkoal Male Timid best spread for HP Grass Egg Move Eruption Ability Shell Armor
    Slugma Male Timid best spread for HP Grass Ability Weak Armor
    Corsola Male Bold best spread for HP Rock Ability Regenerator
    Purrloin Male Modest best spread for HP Fighting Ability Prankster
    Larvesta Male Timid best spread for HP Rock Egg Move Morning Sun Ability Flame Body
    Munna Male Quiet HP Ground(Speed IV Low as possible to still have HP Ground) Ability Synchronize
    Nidoran Male Timid Ability Hustle Flawless
    Nidoran Female Modest Ability Hustle Flawless
    hey I hope u have not started any of the rng's, can I change like 7 of them to different pokes? only because I found out like 7 of mine were hacked and I had no idea, so if its possible for u to do the new 7 and I will choose 3 of the original list, I hope this is not an inconvience
    Also 2 of the previous pokes I received doesn't have the IV's I needed the Onix and Vulpix, I needed onix to have 0 speed iv's and vulpix has hp dragon not ice :(
    Decent all around for almost all, one is above average sadly as you can see they are just posh poor Ivs sorry, so I can't accept the spinda unless I somehow miraculously have something else you wanted :/
    Scratch the requests :/ just checked and none of them are flawless I'm sorry thought I had one :( I can search for one for you though 0_0
    Nevermind the last VM for now, I will check and confirm for you about that jirachi when o get home at 2:38 pm EST
    Replied, could one of the spinda be adamant with egg moves Psycho Cut, Rapid Spin, Baton Pass, and Wish?
    celebi can never be shiny. also the only jirachi that can be shiny is wishmaker and only in 9 natures and their iv spreads were limited. so any shiny flawless jirachi is a hack
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