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Recent content by Galux

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    Animals with no Pokemon Counterparts

    Mammals: Quoll Fish: Blob fish
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    Event Trading Thread

    Looking for the event legendary birds that just came out. I can trade Australian UT event shiny rayquaza, hoopa, mew, celebi and jirachi and the event unova starters evolutions.
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    Event Trading Thread

    Hi I have 2 gamestop dragonite codes would anyone with US games be interested in entering them for me, then they keep one of the dragonites and trade the other to me, I have an Australian game so cannot receive the dragonite in my game. Thanks
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    Review This Song, Then Post Another

    4/10 I am not really into rap Lockets-Panicland https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpUIVW4wo5o
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    Alexis's XY/ORAS Shop

    Thanks for the trade :)
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    Item & Pokerus Trading Thread

    Looking for duskstone will trade leaf stone or protector
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    Event Trading Thread

    I am looking for Shaymin or mananphy any will do as long as it is legit. I don't care if it has been trained or nicknamed or whatever. The pokemon I can offer are Dialga SUM2013-Sassy Dialga SUM2013-Bold Giratina SUM2013- Docile Giratina SUM2013-Bashful Palkia SUM2013-Relaxed Palkia...
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    Alexis's XY/ORAS Shop

    Hi I have sum2013 giratina and palkia both UT im from Australia so im not sure if thateans they are international if yes would you be able to trade me a shaymin for one of them? Pm if yes thanks :)
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    DryBones' Event Shop

    woops just realised you want a Zoroark event011 sorry I don't have
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    DryBones' Event Shop

    Hi I have an event11 Zoroark ID:09161 with a Quirky nature. would you be willing to trade me a shaymin for it? I do not mind which shaymin
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    Event Trading Thread

    I am looking for a shaymin any will do as long as it's legit. I have shiny palkia giratina and dialga. I also have a keldeo and meloetta and a shiny event gengar holding gengarite. All of which are UT and legit for certain as I got them myself. Thanks :)
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    Ambree's Events and Shinies

    Hi I have a UT shiny event gengar holding gengarite. Would you be willing to trade me a shaymin for it?. Thanks
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    Spinal's Legendary Event Shop

    Thanks for the mew :) You are very good to trade with and patient. I hope you are happy with mewtwo.
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    Or a shiny meowth

    Or a shiny meowth
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    Easy Trivia:Who is Red's dad?

    You don't you're pokemon just gets replaced with an exact duplicate each time