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  • I don't mind that they anthropomorphosized many of our hexopod insect friends to have four legs; it helps them appeal to the general public, as many folks find it easier to identify with a quadruped mammal than a hairy spider or preying mantis. Gamefreak also seems to cater to the public's general conception of bugs as being all squishable creepy-crawlie critters... if we were being super technically restrictive, we'd have only bug-types fashioned after order Hemiptera hahah... ahhh that would be boring. I do appreciate that galvantula received pedipalps... have you ever seen jumping spiders wiggling theirs around? It's super cute.

    hahah yes, I thought it was a demonic earwig at first.
    What's your team in XY? My Whirlipede evolved into Scoli... how it screeches in delight in Amie is so endearing.
    I enjoy beetles as well... their feet are so cute. I love the big ones, like the rhinoceros beetle... I hope to handle one someday! The largest I've encountered would probably be a ten-lined june bug.
    The beetles we have romping around here tend to be ornery little dudes with biting mandibles and noxious rear-end glands. I moved this guy out of the way while gardening:
    and he was greatly displeased with me, to put it mildly.

    Heracross' lower horn extension is awkwardly placed on his face... and I never liked pinsir much to begin wtih, and the wings don't look naturally attached to the body. Scizor frightens me with its mechanical appearance. I am too picky .____.
    I saw that you enjoy insects and spiders. :) Which are your favorite bug-type pokemon, and what bugs do you want to see introduced this generation?
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