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  • and another question,
    do you want one of my first gen shiny staters,
    you can choose between bulbasaur charmander and a squirtle.
    i have them all double. you can have one so choose.
    sorry for late reation i have finaly my wifi working again (was forgoten my old password so i created a new wifi conection) so i can trade again.
    i am every day online from 18:00 till 21:30 (GMT1-amsterdam) so if then can i will trade with you.

    GREETZ Dr.d.
    i wouldn't dare sagiv. however i did found out the cause of our problem.
    the quotepiramid of ours was so big that the PM reached it's characterlimit and wouldn't send:p

    allow me to fix that.
    no? i thought i send you a message yesterdaymorning to inform you about the pokesavs singerling had to make for you.
    serebii must have screwed up again, i had it before with another pm friend named babs, i'll see if i can send it again.
    i don't have a FC in SS yet, i havn't been playing it in a while see. i'll contact a friend of mine about the event, he's still an active player.

    thanks fr the tip:)
    finaly! i thought serebii never let me in. anyway here it is, this is what did the trick for me, i suggest you to follow it carefully:

    This trophy is somewhat really tricky to get. I just tried it 3 seconds ago and got it. This is what I did. I started a new game and saved it in the 2nd save file since I already beat the game. Then I just did what Ethan is supposed to do. This is what I did.
    I shaved, took a shower, got dressed, went downstairs, completed the drawing. After I completed the drawing, I went to drink a cup of coffee and then drank some Orange juice and then went outside and laid/waited until Grace and the kids got home.
    After they arrived, I helped Grace with the groceries, set the table perfectly and then went to talk to Grace. Not sure if you have to do that but I did. Once that was done, I went outside, swung Jason around and then picked up Shaun and ran around until it automatically stopped me. After that, you pick them up to show your strength. Then I did the sword fight, got some hits in, and let Jason defeat me. I did the rest of the prologue all the way to the “Sleezy Place” chapter load and got the trophy. Hope this helps.

    good luck.
    use any USB stick (16 gig is more then enough), that's the best way to do it. throw anything away that you won't need/can be created again with ease and make a back-up of your hard drive on the USB pen.

    when you do that you'll make a back-up file of everything you need including save-files. it takes long though (it took me exactly 24 hours) but when it's done you are able to replace your hard disk if desired. i had a 60gig myself and i upgraded mine from 60 to 320 gig at the price of €60. restoring everything is a piece of cake and i got all my trophies back by synchronising with the server afterwards.
    if i was your dad i would do the same:) it's not only a gamesystem you know, these things are multimedia supporting.

    anyway, i asked my friend just now and he told me he had the same problems. he solved it by entirely formatting his PS3 and reset it to fabricsettings.
    hmm sounds rather femiliar. a friend of mine had those problems with his PS3 when he got it new. he had a poweroutage in his house while he was busy installing updates, he complained to me that the thing had problems and i know he did something about it that solved the problem but i don't know what it was.

    i'll see him on work monday. i can ask him if you like?
    i'm not sure why there are so many people that have the urge to switch from phat to slim while the normal PS3 is more easy to improve.

    if you want my advice if it isn't broke don't try to fix it. the only difference between the two is the appearence of the thing and less backwards compatibility. besides the classic Ps3 is highly customisable and i happen to know a few tricks to increase lifespan, internal memory (varying from 20gig to 1.5 terra), plus a fewother things i picked up while experimenting with it.
    i'd give it an 8, personaly i think ratchet & clank 2 is the best episode of them all. but that's just personal preferances. this game does pretty well at the avarage gamereview.

    by the way, what kind of PS3 do you have?
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