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  • Aww I'm sorry. I just found a shiny Barbacle. Kinda repulsive.
    But I have also found a shiny Eevee, so, give and take.

    My school is starting tomorrow :(
    But I've been having fun. Life's good.

    Are you excited for the 12th doctor?
    That sounds so cool! I'm jealous :)

    Friend Safaris are fun. I could never get my regular DS to connect with my home Wi-Fi, and not being able to use the connectivity features sucked, especially in a game thats premise is unable to completed without trading -_-
    But my 3DS is ultra-compatible.
    How about I send a Shelmet to you and the trade Karrablast to you? Then trade Karrablast back. Do you think you could help me? Sorry for taking your time.
    Someone already helped me evolve my Scyther. Do you happen to have Shelmet? I need to evolve my Karrablast too.
    Why, the honor is all mine. Always fun to meet another Whovian. Adam is your name? Nice to meet you!

    Oh yeah! My week has been great. Super busy, but fun. How about you?
    Aww. :3 Thanks! Your post just made my day! After that Kyogre hunt, I know I can push through any pokemon hunt! It would be awesome to get it tomorrow, but it is unlikely. I guess we will both find out tomorrow! Good luck on your hunt! :)
    =) You're welcome. I honestly don't know how to enter the Community Hunt and I don't know the rules either so probably not but I'll be shiny hunting all the same. How about you?
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