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  • Sure has been, UNVME! What have ya been doing sine we last talked? I'm 14 now. And you?You in to airsoft guns? Talk to ya later, bye!
    Well, if you've heard of paintball, airsoft is just like it! They shoot 6mm plastic BB's in either spring, electric semi-auto, semi-auto gas, full auto gas or electric full-auto. they are wicked! But they hurt when you get hit! There are pistols, which include gas, spring, electric semi-auto/full auto, revolvers, which are spring and take replica shells. Then there are mini machine guns, which are full-auto! But sadly, they need either "AAAs" or "AAs", though! Next are machine guns, semi/full-auto behemoths! They use rechargeable NiCad or NiMH Batteries! ranging from about 50-10,000 rounds! Then There are shotguns. There are 2 types, first, clip loaded, then shell loaded. although shell loaded are single-shot pumps, they have 30 rounds in one shell and come with 4! there are sub-machine guns, which are replicas from wars and years past. Like the Thompson M1928, which Al Capone used. Oh, I forgot, then there are miniguns!!! Altthough the cost $3000+, They have 10,000+ round mags!They have the either the whole or the first few inches of the muzzle blaze orange to follow Federal Laws. They have replicas of modern firearms, firearms from WWII, all sorts of guns! Also, have you heard of Weird Al Yankovic or 3 Doors Down? I love their music!
    I know, right? I usually get video games or airsooft guns. are you in to airsoft guns, McGustin? Because I'm HOOKED!!
    Already 14. Though cause of my size (height) im normally considered older. It helps, cause evryone in my grade is a year older. Anyway, hope your birthdays awesome. Its always fun to get presents just because you age.
    I play brawl, too! Which character do you use? I use Snake. are you dissing Guitar Hero? Because if you are, you are REALLY offensive!
    And Team energy, I LOVE Van Halen! And ps, after about 30 days without posting, iany group will dissapear! Tell the creator of the group to start over, and i am sorry about it!
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