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  • same here, except the drawing part, oh and add work to the list also, what do you play and what kinda music you into?
    I don't think it will change much though. I mean, it's doing fine now, so I don't know why they would change it... Don't fix what isn't broken, right?
    Tell me about it! I'm really excited to seeing the story of this game. Seeing as there was emphasis on story on the last gen, it's pretty safe to assume we will have some good story on this gen too. I'm pretty pumped for it!
    Yes. And I'm sure we have yet to see a really good Ice type mixed attacker. That would be wonderful! And yeah, I'm rooting on the Ice wolf. With the theories roaming that the legendaries may be based on Norse mythology, I can see Fenrir being an Ice type wolf legendary!
    Pokémon needs mre wolves and that is a fact, but I'd prefer it if they made the wolves Ice type Pokémon. They are not giving enough love for the Ice types. And hedgehog is my favorite because, if I'm not mistaken, the japanese name backs it up, and he kinda have some spikes on him. And yeah, they have lots of potential...

    Also, about the wolf thing, I'd like to see a wolf legendary. And he could be Ice type, too. That would be cool!
    Last gen tried to be a reboot, that's why Black/White didn't even feature other gen Pokémon until the after-game. But it was still a cool gen.
    Fennekin is definetly a fan favorite already. Just look at Deviantart! He's going to take over the internet in no time!
    Froakie, for me, could go a cool direction by being as old and wise type of Pokémon. I even heard the possibility of him being a Benjamin Franklin look-alike! Having that in mind, it would be cool to have a Water/Electric starter!
    Chespin, I will have to see his evolutions. I'm pretty sure he's based on a Hedgehog, and he has lots of potential, so I'll wait and see on him! And about the legendaries? Loved both of them. I love majestic looking creatures.
    And, I know, autocorrection is a bother more than a help, really.
    That's what I think. But genwunners will always be genwunners, I guess. I'm also really excited to see Pokémon finally going 3D in the main series. I seriously think this may be one of the best game in the series if GameFreak doesn't screw up. Let's be honest... Nintendo really knows how to get people hyped! Also, any opinions on the starters? If everything goes fine, I'm going with Fennekin all the way!
    Hey, might as well welcome you here too, so there you go: welcome from another newbie!
    Anyway, you said you've been with Pokémon since the first gen. I've been too, and I'm seeing a lot of people complaining about the Pokémon 3D models. Don't you think they are overreacting? Just wanted one opinion on that...
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