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  • hey i noticed you like digimon: dawn version, i have been searching for someone to battle with for sooooo long my team isnt that good at all it would just be nice to use it ya know?
    Platinum? Huzzah for you. It does not come out for a while yet here... and still not quite sure if I'd get it. (Nevertheless, I've played some of it already).

    And on your question: yes - yes, they do. -_-
    Seems to be more complete. Maybe genre, unless english essays made me go blind during my quick glances. =P
    Nothing to do with it being pretty... =/ More that out of these (from the first post):


    Story title:
    Fandom (preferably pokémon):
    Plot summary:
    Mentor needed:
    Prior writing experience:
    Preferred mentor (optional):
    Writing sample (optional, but expected):
    A fair few of them are missing from your one. =/ Note I don't have anything to do with the beta thread here, but I daresay purple_drake had that in the first post for a reason. =P
    Idk - depends, really - sometimes it takes a fair bit of time, and other times you get one really quickly. Luck of the draw, really.

    BTW maybe consider changing that post of yours? Seeing as there is a form in the first post of that thread to follow, stating that fandom and preferred mentor and genre and so forth is included and all. Just saying. Otherwise you may have to reapply and all. =P
    Well, there is a Beta Reader thread in The Author's Cafe section, if you don't know about it - right here, even. =)
    Hmm... well, be sure it makes sense and all - such as where these other characters come from (especially the 'sister' of Taboo... =/), and why they bring characters from Sony too... through description and proper grammar/spelling and characterisation and so forth. =/ Of course, if it''s a parody, and merely play on, or 'lampshade' the questionable parts. =P

    Also maybe take a look at other stories and also the Advice to Aspiring Authors threads and all - they're of help, even if you do know a lot about writing. Or so I've found anyway.
    Well, to be fair, I'm not a fanfic mod - just a mod who likes writing fanfics. =P So I can't 'approve' anything...

    But I do know that any sort of stories are fine, as long as they are properly written (no straight-out scripts, proper grammar, no excessive gore and the such, at least 3 pages per chapter (if not so for the last two, fanfic mods are the ones to check with then), etc, etc), and if it's a non-Pokemon story (like Brawl - it has Pokemon admittedly but it's separate enough, I feel, and is a different fandom althogether anyway), then it's to go in the Non-Pokemon fanfic section rather than the main fanfic section.

    (Continued below - darn character limits!)
    Checks the fanfic rules as well beforehand on the stuff I mentioned beforehand as well, I advise. Take your time with the fic - don't rush it, maybe consider beta readers which do help, and so forth. Be sure to make it different/interesting enough so it's not just like the Brawl storyline in the written form (although it depends on the story in the end - parody and so forth are notable expections) - and good luck with it. =)

    Hope that helps.
    Ok then. Maybe in four weeks when I have school holidays for two-and-a-bit weeks... would be best for me. =)
    Sorry - haven't played Brawl yet. Mainly due to being hooked on other games, and doing stuff like karate, and a large killer - homework. (Which I'm currently doing, atm. >_<)
    In the words of Captain Falcon: YES!

    If you want to add me, my Brawl number is... 3695 1459 8968.

    Heh, probably a bit rusty though. -_- But a while back while still rusty, I did beat Serebii himself - twice. -_-
    Moe = more, right? =P

    I believe there was something about some Giratina thing being a pre-order bonus or something in the US... here, we only know the date.

    And commericals before something is out isn't too uncommon - maybe a tad earlier but they should know what they are doing in the marketing area, I suppose.
    okay i seen the commercial talking about the game but there is two things that made me wonder u guys never said anything about a giratina model and i thought the new game was coming on til may? what the heck is up with that?

    saw the commercial on the CW when 4kids is on......(satuday morning)
    On February 5, 2009 Serebii reported:

    In The Games Department

    Pokémon Platinum Pre-Order Bonus

    Over the past couple of days, there have been rumblings from various sources of a pre-order bonus coming for Pokémon Platinum and a GoNintendo reader contacted Nintendo and got confirmation that there is one coming. If true, the pre-order bonus is a Giratina Figure, presumably identical to the one that came with the Japanese one as pictured and will be available when the game is released if you pre-ordered. You will have to check with your local retailer to see if they are offering this offer. Click the picture to go to the Platinum section.
    So yeah. :p
    Whee Kirby games. But you lost me on the second part - what do you mean, the Pokemon are normal? =/
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