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Gamzee Makara
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  • I don't think adding more rules will necessarily make more people want to join your RP, and honestly I'm a bit confused as to why Mace would have suggested that. If you think that will help you can give it a try, but I don't believe in restrictions for restrictions' sake.

    There isn't any formal archiving system here. You can leave applications open for as long as you want - you can even continue taking sign-ups if the RP has already started. If you decided you wanted to postpone your RPG, you could ask me to close the thread, or you can delete it and then repost it when you're ready. Hope that helps!
    Hi there! It's really up to you. Plenty of RPers will participate in more than one role-play at a time, though it's true that the number of players have diminished over recent years. Generally, if people are interested in an RP they will show interest in it. If you'd like to postpone your RP until the other ones have died down that's up to you, but you may also want to take a page out of other GMs' books and see if there's anything you can do to better attract people.
    No, though I'm starting to think they're slowly seeping in (point system sounds like the rep system Serebii briefly brought back last year). I've noticed changes in all the nine years I've been here (because of course there's going to be changes), and it's kinda... noticeable. But for sure, everything's been fine thus far. Some people have left due to things, but they're things I personally haven't noticed and am still scratching my head over what they mean.
    Anime debates in the Pokémon anime subforum, yes? I can't think of any times I've seen an anime debate, lol. I'm losing count of how many people have told me the Bulbagarden forums is hell. Some people here are saying Serebiiforums is starting to go downhill, but it sounds like we're much better off than everywhere else.
    Hey, thank you! I believe I've seen you around, but we've never talked. How're you liking Serebii?
    I agree. But I'm not expecting any of the Kalos kids to get a Mega. Even if Serena has a mega ring in the games.
    Mm, I don't really care if Ash gets a mega or not. I never really did. He's not the main character I'm watching for. If hes does then okay, if not I won't lose any sleep over it. I guess it's not possible for any of the Kalos characters to get Megas.
    It might not evolve. I won't mind if Pancham doesn't evolve. They could always evolve it during a regional cameo and never explain it. Unless they want to show off the unique evolution of Pancham, I doubt it would. They could do a humorous episode with Pancham and Inkay evolving.
    I hope not. But I never cared for Buizel much anyway, with either trainer and I love Pancham. So for now I'm going to enjoy Serena and Pancham and pray it stays hers.
    Oh cool, you're into Sailor Moon and Dangan Ronpa too! I've actually been quite obsessed with the latter lately; in fact, I did my first ever cosplay at an anime convention this year as Celestia - it was quite a task making the hair, but well worth it. I can say she singlehandedly rekindled my interest in all things dark in wonderful, in fact. Plus I found the premise in general very interesting: deranged teddy bear (because Japan, LOL) traps a bunch of high-schoolers and forces them into a twisted murder mystery game, and the punishments were both brutal and well thought-out (dat butter-churner...). It's the same reason why I liked the first Saw, just for how sheerly dark it was without being all gory.

    As for Sailor Moon, I remember finding out about it because it used to be on TV right before Pokemon. I also hear it's getting redubbed soon (and the subbed version recently became available on Hulu, which has a far better anime selection than Netflix does - the anime club at my university has relied heavily on it). It also singlehandedly got me interested in magical girl series in general, though to be fair, Cardcaptors helped with that too.

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a very interesting movie indeed. That reminds me of a list made by the Nostalgia Chick on the top ten Disney deaths, and the dip was at the top (even though Roger Rabbit is far from canon Disney).

    By Orchestral, are you referring to a genre? If so, I'm definitely with you on that one, especially classical music and orchestral pieces in video game soundtracks, and also pipe organ solos (though I wouldn't consider those orchestral as it's just one instrument, and an awesome one at that).

    Funny enough, it was actually through NintendoCapriSun that I found out about Mother 3, which is now my favourite video game. Speaking of which, what kind of video games do you like?
    As for the others:
    - Favourite anime: Rozen Maiden is definitely among my favourites, even though I haven't watched it all the way through yet. Same with Death Note, which is probably second because I don't like Misa's character as much as I thought I would. I also really like anime that follow a unusual situation in a high school, such as Full Metal Panic Fumoffu and Ouran High School Host Club and of course the anime version of Dangan Ronpa (though for the latter I'm familiar with the game too).
    - Favourite Comic Book: I'm not really that into comics, actually. Not even manga. Though, I've had some interest in Teen Titans for a while thanks to watching the TV show based off of it (the original anime-esque one, not Go).
    - Favourite Book: Lord of the Rings, very closely followed by The Mists of Avalon. I really like fantasy stories, if you couldn't tell. ^_^
    - Favourite Classic Monster: Vampire, hands down. They're among the supernatural creatures I say I ally with, the other two being faeries and witches, which are not usually called monsters.
    - Favourite music: My music tastes are about evenly split into three distinct groups. The first is dance/techno, especially Eurodance and bubblegum dance (but I hate dubstep). The second is new age/folk, especially Celtic music (but I hate country). The third is metal, especially power, symphonic, and/or gothic metal (but I hate death/black metal, too much growling). My favourite group/band is a tie between Nightwish and Blackmore's Night.

    So, what about you?
    Well, I'm just starting to get into Hellsing (I watched about the first three OVAs so far). So far I'm really enjoying it, though in my opinion it could use a bit less gun violence. I love the Twilight Zone; my favourite episodes are To Serve Man (the one with the deceptively benevolent aliens), the one where a guy discovers he's in a dollhouse (which apparently inspired the dollhouse scene in the Pokemon anime episode "Abra and the Psychic Showdown"), and the one with a group of quirky characters stuck in a metal tin with no memory of how they got there. So far the only Bakshi movie I've seen is Wizards, which was pretty good, though I thought it could be better. Cool World is near the top of my must-see list.
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