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Gamzee Makara

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  • It's okay man, just take it down a notch. You can disagree with her but just do it in a respectful way. We are trying to make this thread different then the last thread which turned into a **** storm of insults.
    Amen to that brother! Since we're talking about him, what's your favorite GR story? My personal fave is Spirits of Venom, cause Venom is the news knees that and GR and spidey have been in the fantastic four together xD
    I'm open minded about new ghost riders because I love to see zarathos' legacy grow and the new stories they bring. Being the Hispanic that I am, I'm excited to see a Latin American Ghost rider. xP
    Tutor? I'm just getting started myself, but I could give you some tips that I've learned, but you'll have to tell me what are the problems you're struggling with.
    While I do appreciate the offer, I'm going to have to decline. However, I'd be fine with answering whatever writing or PMD related questions you might have, to the best of my ability, mind you.
    You can PM people listed as a mentor in the first post and see if they are still interested since they applied, for starters. If you talk to any people on here with an interest in reading/writing you can ask them as well via VM.
    I have added you... but I hope you noticed that the previous post in that thread was made over a year ago - it just never turned out active. While I suppose the thread is fine to bump, idk if it's going to get new activity.
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