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  • I've heard a lot about that lately, but never played it. Nothing much, just sitting at my place watching American Dad.

    Well it's been established that DOTM is better than ROTF, regardless the franchise needs a blood transfusion (reboot), rather than just being Bayformers.
    Yes really. Undeniably, the CG and specially effects are brilliant. But it isn't enough to breathe life in a cast utterly devoid of life, and a plot that severely needs revising.

    Sam Witwicky still has what appears to be a severe case of Attention Defecit Disorder, with his constant spazzing throughout the film. It's been this way in two movies now, and it's not funny anymore. As for Carly, she's just...a robot. No character development, and no real... relevance. Everyone else is just plain bland as well.

    The obvious advertising (the Mercedes SLS) made it even more hard for me to tolerate it, but thankfully I didn't pay to see that. People will beg to differ, but that's just my opinion.

    Oh, and the disgusting and disrespectful way they killed off Ironhide in the film pretty much placed me into raging critic mode. Even if General Motors stopped production of the GMC "Topkick" pickup, they could have simply had Ironhide absent from the film like Barricade in ROTF.

    ...Did I mention that Michael Bay has a terrible sense of humor?
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