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Last Activity:
Jan 15, 2017
Dec 18, 2007
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Midnight Valkyrie, from Switzerland

Ganieda was last seen:
Jan 15, 2017
    1. joffice
      I'll probably be able to trade in about an hour or so if that's okay with you. I'll send you a VM as soon as I'm able to trade. :)
    2. joffice
      Alright, just let me know whenever you are online.
    3. joffice
      Hey there! I can trade whenever now if you still want to and sorry it took a bit longer than expected. If you forgot our trade it was my T Shiny Virizion for your T Shiny Lanturn. Also, I can cloneback your Lanturn if needed.
    4. Ginji
      Hello ganieda ^^, I've been doing pretty good lately and how about you? I am looking forward B/W 2, I'm wondering what kyurem new battle theme is going to sound like
    5. Budew
      Totally understandable, thank you for the (un-flirty) sweet words :P

      if you're ever interested in anything else in my list, feel free to hit me up
    6. Budew
      "haha whatever serious curiousity has to do with feminine charms, seems more like someone else here is out for a flirt lol
      it interests me tough, what about those 17 tiny words seems flirty?"

      Are we still doing the trade, miss Ganieda?
    7. Rayce
      Sorry for being a couple minutes late, thank you for the trade!
    8. Rayce
      Ehh not sure. If you can trade now, that would be fantastic, but if not, ill try to stay on for a little while longer :).
    9. Rayce
      Ill be online for a while incase you come on. ^^
    10. Ginji
      lol Your welcome ^^
    11. Ginji
      It doesn't damage the game at all ^^"
      I'll jump back in to wifi room now
    12. Ganieda
      Oh man... i wish i could have looked at it, i had already pressed end tough when it popped up xD well that sounds...complicated but well... if it does not like damage the game, i would love to have it =P
    13. Ginji
      Your welcome ^_^
      I used a code, re-battle reshiram at dragonspiral tower + shiny prevention removal (this removes the shiny block program on reshiram, zekrom, victini and zoroark) and had a friend help me RNG it :3
      Do you want it?
    14. Ginji
      ok, I'm on wifi now ^^
    15. Ginji
      Are you sure? If so, use my black fc ^^
    16. Ginji
      Sure, what nicknames do you want for them? Also just curious what would you nickname a shiny reshiram? :3
    17. Ginji
      Morning Ganieda ^^ (afternoon for you)
      I'm able trade between 11am to 7pm
      All the shiny snivy's and shiny zorua's I have for trade that I bred are male
      The first female shiny snivy I hatched is modest - likes to thrash about and I only traded a clone of it once to a friend on here
    18. Ginji
      I see
      I know right, hatching a shiny female was very lucky for me ^^

      sniny natures:
      calm - loves to eat
      sassy - somewhat of a clown
      modest - mischievous
      rash - hates to lose
      adamant - likes to fight
      gentle - somewhat vain
      docile - highly curious
      hardy - alert to sounds

      zorua natures:
      lax - mischievous
      mild - somewhat vain
      hardy - often dozes off
      jolly - loves to eat
      gentle - alert to sounds
      naive - somewhat vain
      bold- somewhat vain

      My timezone is EST
    19. Ginji
      ah I see, I also had knee surgery before (growth plates removed in right knee due to my right leg being longer than my left leg) ^^"

      Also if you ever want to have mario kart 7 race, here is my 3DS FC: 3007 8602 5963

      Sure, I can nickname them and I only have males of both but I do have one female shiny snivy that was first MM shiny :3
    20. Ginji
      Thats good and why are you at the hospital!? You can have them for free :3 (they were bred by me too)
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    3DS friendcode: 3866 8754 9195

    (feel free to add me, if you do send me your code as well please...)