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  • Hello please i'v been hunting for a shiny maractus for days still couldn't find one, Would you trade it for a shiny magcargo ? he's purple or a shiny oddish
    No, sorry. I specifically hunted that Braixen down forever. He isn't for trade, thank you for your time though :)
    Thanks ^^
    I'm glad it appeared instead of another gabite
    congrats on your first hatched shiny :3
    Not game, RPs. Not RPG. (your the second person to say that! and there both on here)

    My DA account? Same as this one. (and my avi on every forum that I sign up for is the same. Here, it's actually my Profile Pic)

    I'm a slow typer. When pecking for the keys when i reply to things (instead of random **** that can't memorize.) Knowing what I want to type makes it easy!
    I don't usually play games until after I've dissected every new Pokémon to the tiniest microscopic detail. It's an odd habit of mine & I have lots of self-control as well, so that's another factor.
    Please don't give me any spoilers, I haven't played the game yet, although I have both X & Y. I'm just hanging out in my dorm, on IHeartRadio & talking to friends on here.
    ACK! Sorry for a late reply. (i normally would've replied by now, but my school laptop is being a poop as it usually is. It's not warming up fast enough. Or "my" internet is slow or something)

    HELLO!! Do you like RPs?

    Do you play pokemon? (with the EXCEPTION of X and Y)

    DA (AKA: www.deviantart.com) Do you have an account?
    Hi Ganieda,
    I'm good (tho September 11 was a sad day for me), how about you?
    I'm loving the games so far and sure I'll add your 3DS fc now ^_^
    Well...I like lolita fashion and disney princesses a bit. Hard to find active forums for some of the other things I like.....and i'm pretty hard core attached to pokemon since i was soo into it around 12-13, hense my being...on pokemon....forums........so, umn. Dun mind me too much .-.;;
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