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  • omg i just read your debate material for the abortion thread and i'm laughing because you don't have any rights to dictate what a person with a uterus does because you lack one yourself, sir :J
    Maybe then I wouldn't see it on every freaking site I go on, and hear about it in every Pokémon LP I watch. That's the most annoying part about it.
    Honestly, I'm surprised Nintendo hasn't shut them down. They act like they own the franchise and they essentially dictate the metagame. And we know how Nintendo's been lately with their intellectual properties.
    Don't let those Smogon fanboys change your mind. They gang up on anyone that criticizes their precious site. The truth is that they themselves are so deep in their bubble that they can't understand why so many people see Smogon as an elitist site.
    Also, if you didn't care about Smogon then you would never have posted that thread in the first place ._.
    ...you can say "you" and not "he" since you're talking about me and not some other person...
    Copied verbatim from his profile:

    lol I'm not an admin, I've just been around since before HGSS and moderate the Other Metagames forum on Smogon. I just felt I'd chime in since there's a distinct lack of Smogon users on Serebii and someone had to say something about it. If you want to bring anything else up, feel free to PM me.
    No, you did not come across as a jerk, I was actually complimenting you just now. The fact that you are still arguing for your cause, even though you are outnumbered means you have a lot of courage! :)
    Hi there! Quick word of advice:

    Don't post more than 1 time in a row on the same thread, lest you get an infraction, which are points added up until you're banned, and no one wants that, lol.

    Anyway, have fun!
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