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Recent content by Garbodor.

  1. Garbodor.

    The Legend of Heroes! Leon's Ultimate Battle! (1116)

    Ash catching Farfetched? A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. For those not happy with Ash having two fighting types, I will say this; even-though Galarian Farfetced is a pure fighting type I see it functioning as Ash's bird for this region. I am sure it will learn something like...
  2. Garbodor.

    Farewell, Raboot! (1111)

    I did not love or hate this episode. I am much more gutted regarding the news of no new episodes being aired for a while. Hopefully this will mean less filler episodes once they start re-airing.
  3. Garbodor.

    Pocket Monsters (2019) Pokémon Speculation Thread

    Given there will be a hiatus regarding new episodes airing, I hope once new episodes come out, they will only remove the filler episodes. there should be no fast forwarding important storylines.
  4. Garbodor.

    June 21st: PM2019 025 - A Battle Festival Exploding With Life! VS Mega Lucario!!

    I could see it evolving and defeating mega Lucario during a battle. Yes some people will be upset, but as we have seen from the past, a more experienced pokemon can be defeated by a much "weaker" (in terms of experience) pokemon. If Ash and Lucario sync using their aura ability (getting...
  5. Garbodor.

    Hit Your Mark, Aura! Ash and the Mysterious Egg!! (1110)

    Given this Riolu's personality, I can definitely see it wanting a battle with Korrina's lucario. Even though the Korrina episode is not that far away, could it evolve during that episode? Maybe. I can see this Riolu turning into a powerhouse Lucario. I want them to do great things with Ash's...
  6. Garbodor.

    PM2019 - Future episodes preview (Raihan, Sonia, Sobble and more!)

    I personally do not enjoy the Galar starter designs, but I do prefer Sobble over the rest. It really depends what the writers do with the Pokemon in the anime. I loved what they did with Greninja. Speaking of which, one thing that concerns me about Ash getting Sobble is what will that do to the...
  7. Garbodor.

    April 12th: PM2019 021 - Hit Your Mark, Wave Guidance! Satoshi and the Mysterious Egg!!

    A strong theory going around is that the colour of the eggs now match the Kilo-meter number as seen in Go. The blue egg is a 10km egg, meaning if the anime is indeed going by the Go classification (which seems to be the case), then this almost confirms this egg to hold a Riolu.
  8. Garbodor.

    April 12th: PM2019 021 - Hit Your Mark, Wave Guidance! Satoshi and the Mysterious Egg!!

    Given the history of Ash and his Aura powers in the past, I really can't wait to see his dynamic with Riolu and lucario. Lets hope the writers do something amazing with Ash's Aura powers. I am quite happy Ash seems to be catching many Pokemon relatively early on. I am hoping for all of his team...
  9. Garbodor.

    Ash VS Leon! The Path to Power!! (1102)

    I mean something that's unique to Ash and was revealed first in the anime etc like the other two example we've seen. I like the path the writers have been going on recently, so fingers crossed, we'll see something special for Ash. whether that mean giving him a new form or do something great...
  10. Garbodor.

    Ash VS Leon! The Path to Power!! (1102)

    Maybe Ash will do something similar to Leon in their rematch :D. I know it probably would not be that original given its been happening a few times already but I am somewhat surprised the writers did not give Ash a unique form, like they did with Ash-Greninja and dusk form Lycanroc. Who knows...
  11. Garbodor.

    Ash VS Leon! The Path to Power!! (1102)

    I know it's still way too early to come to any conclusions. But I feel such a large and mostly static Pokemon in the form of gigachu is not really Ash's "style". I just rewatched the episode where Ash battled Diantha and I still remember the hype I felt after I saw what that Ash-Greninja did to...
  12. Garbodor.

    February 16th: PM2019 013: Satoshi VS Dande! The Path to Power!!

    Are we forgetting this is a Pikachu that has gone against and defeated legendary pokemon? I am not surprised in the slightest he could push his charizard to gigantomaxing. Matter of fact, I would not be surprised if he did a lot more.
  13. Garbodor.

    February 16th: PM2019 013: Satoshi VS Dande! The Path to Power!!

    I like what I think they're doing with this season. Ash faces Leon here, loses/battle interrupted. Ash faces him again near the end of the series and defeats him in an epic match. Ash is a champion, writers, PLEASE continue to treat him like one.
  14. Garbodor.

    Down to the Fiery Finish (934)

    I am very angry but what's the point? writing out our frustration here wont change anything here. The writers clearly don't give a damn. What's sad is I know this was the final series I would have had the time for to follow. I am going to be very busy with my new job. And it ends like this :(
  15. Garbodor.

    Down to the Fiery Finish (934)

    Th ONLY way they could have redeemed this league was if he won. But these people are so deluded that they can't even get over their petty phobia of letting him win a league after 20 years. This just shows how much they actually respect the viewers. The rating for this show were already pretty...