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  • You are very welcome! :) I'm always glad to offer advice when I can.

    You can always improve on what you have, that's a fact I've learned. So, I know you'll do fine given enough practice and time. Please give me a shout when your story is posted. I'd like to read it.
    And indeed, you'll grow into your own style in time. It takes a bit to find what works for you.

    Thanks! The first two chapters have been redone more recently, so I do hope you find them enjoyable. And for description, just try to visualize the world that your characters are seeing and how they'd interact with it. For instance, if they're walking down a road, mention what kind of road. If it's made of gravel, maybe have a character absently kick a pebble as they walk. That sort of thing. Using it every so often (not every paragraph) adds rich details to your story that helps it come alive.
    Saw your compliment on my piece in the post a scene place, and I wanted to thank you. Though admittedly, I don't think it is my best work; that was simply something written on a whim when intoxicated with happiness thanks to a friend of mine. It was simply my way of letting those feelings out.

    And I also saw your question about how to make chapters long and meaningful. Perhaps it's not shown on Serebii (story is currently on Fanfiction.net, even if it is slowly coming to Serebii), but I have written several long chapters, mostly reaching the 14,000 word mark. To write one of those typically takes me... 1-2 weeks depending on certain circumstances. And you should never try to make chapters long just to make them long; only do so when you simply cannot split the chapter and every single word is meaningful.

    My chapters tend to get long like that, however, because I have a character who says monologues quite a bit of time. He simply doesn't know how to shorten his words, but that is how it is. Never is it the description that makes the chapter long, for you are to try and be as concise as possible.
    I felt like this question deserves a VM answer, rather than another post in the thread (I didn't see much I could still add to the discussion without being redundant).

    But, and now here is an interesting question for both Dragonfree and Knightfall, (you guys are both my inspiration! Please don't kill me. ._.)
    Just how do you make your chapters so long? Is it through description? Conversation? Story progression?
    If you could answer this, that'd be awesome. Also, how long does it take for you to perfect a chapter, from the moment you start it?
    Well, for one, it's quite flattering to know that I'm an inspiration to you. It makes me feel good to know my work is influencing someone else to do their best. :)

    As for the question... My chapters usually take up so much space because of description. While that's not truly the case now, I used to squeeze a lot of description into every paragraph. I just loved doing it. (However, there is a point where too much description tips the scales and works against a chapter.) Now, I try to make my chapters lengthy by including more story progression and conversation. So that every chapter, readers could finish and feel satisfied with what they read and not that they read 30 pages of filler. Recently, I did a major edit of my story, Chapter 16 to be specific. In it, I removed 10,000 words and it didn't hurt the chapter at all. So... Word count isn't everything in writing. While you should make a chapter long enough for a reader to feel satisfied with it, you need to make sure that length is used well, not by filler.

    As for the last question, it usually takes about a month and a half for me currently to finish a chapter. It really depends on my free time and motivation. XD But, it's not usually shorter than a month.

    Hopefully this answers your questions!
    I have bred like 800 eggs with masuda method, still no shiny...
    I guess pokemon just wants to punish me by not getting me shinies, since I restarted my game when I got my first one...
    School meh, I had to redo a year but on the bright side I pass this year with like a total of 2 hours studying :]
    And Pokemon, I have Y (my last game before that was leaf green) and Im getting EVd pokes now, doing breeding and stuff. And on PO I ranked #76 in OU :]
    Oh thats cool, I dont have the patience for fanfics :[
    Well, its great to see you back.
    After all, you indirectly made a competitive battler :]
    Thanks man so hows school going for ya? is it getting better? also whyd ur clan close? yes this is 20 questions
    No problems =) I have got someone to make it...bdw are lukey and hyrule swordsman active these days? I can't catch them on for a battle
    Thanks and I really would like to put the badges of this league and other leagues but my sig can't hold all of them separately... I need someone to make me a little badge case first
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